Debut of Martell VS Single Distillery

The iconic House of Martell unveils Martell VS Single Distillery, a cognac from a sole distillation source, offering an exclusive new profile to the Martell family of expressions. This innovative blend unites eaux-de-vie from a single distillery, drawing the same sensorial profile and flavor characteristics for a richer expression of the Martell style. The eaux-de-vie come together in perfect harmony, resulting in an even smoother cognac with an elegant, fruitier profile.

A pioneer among cognac houses, Martell has a unique history spanning over 300 years. Since its inception, Martell continues to reinvent the standards through exploring new territories, from geography to design and unparalleled taste. Martell has remained dedicated to craft and innovation and now, using one single distillation source, Martell VS Single Distillery disrupts the VS category, with a powerful expression.

“The House of Martell has always prioritized luxury to focus on the very quality of its blends, and as a result, the Martell expressions are characterized by outstanding depth and intricacy,” said Brian Smith, Brand Director, Marketing, Martell, Pernod Ricard USA. “With Martell VS Single Distillery, we aim to go further, with a disruptive, supremely smooth blend, born out of the spirit of curiosity, using only one distillation source.”

The Martell VS Single Distillery flavor profile presents a distinctive smooth and fruity sensation, pushing the boundaries of the competitive landscape. The color of liquid gold, Martell VS Single Distillery exposes notes of plum, apricot and candied lemon to the nose, which later enrich the palate, perfect to enjoy neat. The luscious experience of Martell VS Single Distillery, also makes the blend ideal for a long drink or cocktail, pairing well with citrus fruits and red berries, offering a variety of options for pairing.

The iconic shape of the traditional ‘montre’ cognac bottle is reawakened in the Martell VS Single Distillery spirit. The restructured cap is sealed with a beige paper ribbon, revealing its cork, along with the new label, both stamped with Jean Martell’s signature, the Martell House founder. The sides of the bottle, label and rounded corners revive the Martell VS image, while the iconic Martell emblem of an embossed swift, a strong symbol of heritage of the House of Martell, also pays tribute to brand’s legacy.

Martell VS Single Distillery will be available in U.S. markets including California, Washington DC, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Missouri, Nevada, Texas and Michigan this March with a suggested retail price of $34.99.