The House of Angostura Named World Class Distillery 2017, Awarded Six Gold Medals by World Spirits Awards

In a stellar performance, The House of Angostura has been awarded the coveted title of World Class Distillery 2017 at this year’s World Spirits Awards (WSA), as well as Gold Medals for five of its rums and for its newest distillation: Amaro di ANGOSTURA®.

Only 25 distilleries around the world are named World Class by the WSA. To qualify as “World Class” the distillery must be awarded 92-100 points.

Of the House of Angostura’s International Rum Range, Gold Medals were awarded to: Angostura® Reserva, Angostura 1824®, Angostura 1919®, Angostura® 7 Year Old Rum, and Angostura® 5 Year Old Rum. The newly launched Angostura® 1787 received a Silver Medal.

Amaro di ANGOSTURA® which has taken the Amaro market by storm also received a Gold Medal from the WSA for the second year in a row, with judges noting the drink’s “coherent herb and root mixture… sumptuous sugar sweetness [and] delicate pepper-chilli hotness,” which make it unique in the class.

Established 14 years ago, the World Spirits Awards prides itself in setting the ultimate benchmark in the world of spirits using a transparent, accurate 100-point WOB evaluation system. The competition is themed “Simply the best in spirits,” and relies on the unsurpassed quality of its jury, which is meticulously trained and highly qualified.

“The House of Angostura appreciates this honour,” says Chief Executive Officer Genevieve Jodhan, “We take deep pride in our almost 200-year history of quality, creativity and innovation and we are extremely pleased to be recognised by the WSA.”

Here’s what the World Spirits Awards said about the House of Angostura’s Amaro and Rums!

Amaro di ANGOSTURA® – Gold Fragrance: Nice bitterness portfolio, Cola and orange associations, wild berries, roots, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, honey, liquorice, vanilla, dried fruits, lovage, thyme, coca leaf. Taste: Coherent herb and root mixture, a lot of citrus freshness, orange peel, somewhat oily and ethereal, pith, gentian, vermouth, lovage, bay, cinnamon, a lot of ginger, black pepper, sumptuous sugar sweetness, delicate pepper-chilli hotness, compact body, long-lasting finish.

Angostura® Reserva – Gold Fragrance: Typical Carribean rum stylistics, some wood and roast aromas, subtle rum ester, coconut, strawberry, lime freshness, pineapple, raisins, chocolate and banana, floral touch, tobacco. Taste: Classic rum ester notes, milky and creamy, strong wood texture, cocoa, white chocolate, fresh top notes, lime, raspberry, pear, banana, lychee, mango, melon, some green spiciness, very dense, long and harmonious.

Angostura® 7 year old Rum – Gold Fragrance: Elegant aromas, rum ester and wood mixture, sponge, artichoke, orange, peach, somewhat yeasty and grape-like, subtly nutty and roasty, coconut, prunes, almonds, dark chocolate, coffee, vanilla, malt candies, tobacco, rosehip. Taste: Rather subtle rum character, subtle rum ester, a lot of brandy-like wood notes, sponge, artichoke, tangerine, dark chocolate, green nuts, caramel, banana, malty and roasty sweetness, tight body, good length,

Angostura 1919® – Gold Fragrance: Nice sugar cane stylistics, iced coffee appeals, a lot of vanilla, wafers, chocolate, nutty, exotic touch, orange, pineapple, peach, coconut, coffee, cocoa, caramel, mocha and roast aromas, slightly smoky notes, floral touch, tobacco. Leather: Taste: Elegant rum ester, subtle brandy texture, grapefruit, subtly roasty, tobacco-like and smoky, yeasty, vanilla, nougat chocolate, raisins, opulent sweetness, harmonious and tight, long-lasting finish.

Angostura® 5 year old Rum – Gold Fragrance: Aroma symbiosis of molasses and brandy wood, rum ester, banana, strawberry, raspberry, apple, plum, molasses, apricot, coconut, rosehip, a lot of vanilla and roast notes, some caramel, raisins, honey, cocoa, dark chocolate, a touch of tobacco. Taste: Subtlest rum texture, juicy and soft, artichoke, strong wood and roast notes, nougat chocolate, caramel, a lot of vanilla, plum, tobacco, floral aspects, orange blossoms, malt sweetness, good balance, long finish.

Angostura 1824® – Gold Fragrance: Broad aroma image, subtlest ester notes, reminiscent of brandy, apricot, strawberry, tangerine, artichoke, some rosehip, slightly petrol-like, leather, tobacco, vanilla, delicately nutty, some lovage. Taste: Great interplay of rum ester and wood, caramel and candy associations, some peach, green-nutty, roast-like and smoky, clear rum ester, rum pot, coconut, banana, prunes, delicate dark chocolate, yeast, rather lot of sweetness, but still harmonious, tight body, good length.

Angostura® 1787 – Silver Fragrance: Reminiscent of molasses, aged in brandy casks, roasty and iodine, subtle rum ester, a lot of fruit ester, banana, vanilla, coconut, apricot, cherry, some lovage, dried pear, caramel, floral aspects. Taste: Fragrance copy on the palate, subtle rum character, mango, peach, nougat, a lot of dried pears, delicate, green herb bouquet, leather, coffee, tobacco, honey, clear sugar sweetness, good tightness and length, liqueur-like in the finish.