New Crescent® Hammer Packs A Wallop

Crescent®, a premier hand tool brand from Apex Tool Group, today announced its new Fiberglass Rip Claw Hammer that drives nails with precision and pries boards and nails with ease. Available in 16 and 20-ounce sizes, it feels and performs like a much more expensive tool – a detail that will be much appreciated by both professional and do-it-yourself users.

This new fiberglass rip claw hammer features an ergonomically-designed handle with a non-slip flared foot for greater comfort and less fatigue. Its nylon-jacketed solid fiberglass core resists breakage due to overstrike and Permabond® construction between the head and handle makes it virtually indestructible. A magnetic nail starter allows convenient one-handed nailing for overhead work and other hard-to-reach situations. Factory balanced for maximum striking power, this new hammer features a natural forged finish with contrasting polished strike face, poll, cheek pads, and claw. The entire head is clear coat lacquered for corrosion resistance.

“Professionals are looking for a hard hitting well-balanced hammer they can use all day long with less fatigue,” said Brendan Walsh, Senior Product Manager. “This hammer delivers that with its specially contoured handle and flared foot.”

Both the 16-ounce model (SKU #11419C) and the 20-ounce version (SKU #11418C) are available at The Home Depot stores nationwide.