Jenn-Air® Connected Wall Ovens Will Respond To Alexa Voice Commands

Marking another milestone in delivering its vision of a seamless cooking and entertaining experience, Jenn-Air will introduce a significant addition to its connected wall ovens capabilities: voice control. Announced today at the Architectural Digest Design Show, the nation’s premiere luxury design exhibition, the new user-friendly voice command feature will soon be available through Jenn-Air’s “Skill” for Amazon Alexa.

Jenn-Air also has announced the introduction of connected refrigerators and dishwashers that will utilize the brand’s IOS and Android mobile app to control various functions and, ultimately, provide service alerts and information that will enhance and shorten service times.

Using a device with Alexa and Amazon’s Alexa app, consumers equipped with a Jenn-AirⓇ Connected Wall Oven and home WiFi will be able to easily activate the necessary Alexa Skill. One of thousands available in the Alexa Skills Store, it was created specifically by Jenn-Air to control the oven. Simple voice commands have been created for everything from preheating and setting timers to changing temperatures and cooking modes. For example, while hands are busy prepping and mixing ingredients, preheating the oven to a desired temperature can be initiated simply by saying “Alexa, tell Jenn-Air to preheat the oven to 400 degrees.”

Jenn-AirⓇ Connected Wall Ovens are already largely controllable using the IOS and Android mobile apps, whether for checking doneness in another room of the home or preheating from across town at the supermarket. They also offer compatibility with Nest thermostats and advanced cooking algorithms that take the guesswork out of achieving restaurant-quality results at home. These and other planned connectivity features can be upgraded over time, helping to ensure that Jenn-Air wall ovens purchased today will be “future-proofed” from early obsolescence, according to Jenn-Air marketing director Brian Maynard.

“These luxury wall ovens offer a unique combination of easily upgradeable connected features,” notes Maynard. “With Nest compatibility, the oven’s algorithm-enabled Culinary Center and the soon to be available voice commands powered by Alexa, we’re getting closer to achieving frictionless, barrier free cooking and entertaining.”

Previously introduced compatibility with Nest thermostats allows Jenn-AirⓇ Connected Wall Oven owners to automatically keep kitchen and house temperatures comfortable even when both oven cavities are in operation. Nest owners simply use their mobile thermostat app to register the wall oven by choosing Jenn-Air in its “Works with Nest” drop down menu. In addition to kitchen temperature control and a host of planned service and diagnostics features, the Nest app will send an alert if the oven has been left on when no one is home.

“Like the Jenn-Air brand, Nest is known for products that combine intuitive, user-friendly technology with sleek, beautiful design,” adds Maynard. “By linking our appliances with Nest, we deliver immediate benefits and pave the way for future enhancements that will appeal to the luxury consumer.”

In addition to remote preheating, unattended monitoring of cooking progress and other capabilities, the Jenn-Air IOS and Android apps can also access the Jenn-Air® Culinary Center. This interactive, image-driven system uses the Jenn-AirⓇ Connected Wall Oven’s advanced cooking system, a series of precise algorithms, and chef-tested cooking programs to give cooks the ultimate control in achieving desired results. The Culinary Center provides guidance for more than 30 food options and considers such factors as food category, food type, desired doneness and type of cookware or bakeware used.

Color images illustrating doneness levels are combined with exclusive visuals showing how and where to insert the temperature probe for a variety of dishes. The app also taps the Jenn-Air brand’s “My Creations” function, which allows users to seamlessly combine up to three cooking modes and save the settings for favorite recipes.

Beyond these connectivity advancements and generous oven capacity, Jenn-AirⓇ Connected Wall Ovens feature a vertical dual-fan convection system, a 7-inch full color touch-anywhere LCD display and soft auto-close doors. Available in single, double and microwave/wall oven combination configurations, all with flush-to-cabinet design, the wall ovens are priced at $3,599 to $5,199.