Screen Magic Window Screen Cleaner is a New Eco-Friendly Breakthrough Cleaning Product

Make your window screens look clean and brand new for spring without the hassle of a hose and bucket. Just spray or wipe Screen Magic on your window screens and you’re done, no rinsing, no scrubbing, saving a substantial amount of time, energy and water.

Now available at Lowe’s, Screen Magic is a specially formulated product that allows users to organically dissolve dust and restore screens to looking new again without the use of a hose or bucket which saves up to 15 gallons of water per minute.

Screen Magic, USA (PRNewsfoto/Screen Magic, USA)

Professional window washers have been using Screen Magic for nearly a decade to clean window screens. Now Screen Magic has released a version for homeowners that can be found at Lowe’s stores in AZ, NV, and CA and online nationwide. With a loyal base of customers in the USA, Screen Magic is also available internationally and is continuing to experience rapid growth.

Using Screen Magic is simple. Homeowners spray it on and they’re done. There is no rinsing with water, no scrubbing and no streaks. On average, it takes approximately one minute to clean a screen and make it look new again.  Once sprayed or wiped on the screen, Screen Magic’s non-toxic formula continues to repel dust 24/7.

Product Creator and President, Tim Meester noted, “Part of why people love Screen Magic so much is that it’s now easy to clean screens and it keeps them looking like new for four to six months. Our customers love how easy this product is to use and the fact that it is safe and non-toxic. If you use Screen Magic, you’ll never scrub a screen again.”

Screen Magic’s special formula of emulsions, UV inhibitors, glossing agents and dust repellents destroys dust, as particles are organically dissolved. Designed to work with all screen types including sliding screen doors, bug doors, doors of different colors and solar window screens, Screen Magic was designed to be both highly effective and versatile.

Screen Magic uses a special non-toxic and completely safe formula to get window screens impressively clean. The product contains no solvents, phosphorus or petroleum distillates which can contribute to ozone-depletion. It is non-flammable and non-reactive.

Meester added, “Screen Magic also comes highly recommended by customers in the water conservation states. Cleaning can take place completely without water. We’re happy to have a product that is so environmentally friendly!”