Surprising fashion shopping habits among Generation Z vs. Millennial consumers

Dealspotr, a leading crowdsourcing platform for savings, recently conducted an online survey of shoppers to better understand their fashion shopping habits and preferences. The survey included 303 respondents across age groups, including Generation Z (20 and under), Millennial (21 to 35), Generation X (36 to 52), and Baby Boomers (53 and above).

Dealspotr’s annual fashion shopping habits survey found that Generation Z shoppers were more likely to browse for fashion on their phones and via websites, but fulfill purchases in-store (PRNewsfoto/Dealspotr)

Key survey findings

  • Generation Z shoppers are the most likely to “webroom” or browse online then go in-store to buy apparel.
  • Fulfilling purchases on phones is still less popular than buying in-store or via computer or tablet.
  • Overall, Amazon is by a far the most popular way to buy fashion now.
  • Among Generation Z shoppers, H&M leads as the most popular retailer, with Forever 21 following close behind.
  • American Eagle and Urban Outfitters are disproportionately popular among Generation Z shoppers.
  • Department stores are unpopular among Generation Z and Millennial shoppers, with Target being the notable exception.
  • Luxury department stores overall performed very poorly, with Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s ranking near the bottom of shopper preferences. The exception was Nordstrom which was popular among Generation X and Baby Boomer shoppers.

Perceptions of coupons and discounts

  • Among Generation Z shoppers, Forever 21 and American Eagle were perceived as offering the most compelling discounts and offers.
  • Among Millennial, Generation X, and Baby Boomer shoppers, Kohl’s and Amazon were perceived as offering the best coupons and discount offers.

Survey methodology

During March 2017, Dealspotr conducted an online survey targeting visitors to fashion-related areas of the website. The survey captured responses from 303 shoppers, 81% female and 19% male.