Midea Cooks Up A New Line Of Small Appliances

Midea, the world’s number one small cooking appliances brand*, is excited to introduce a range of new small appliances for consumers including blenders, electric kettles, emulsifiers and a variety of portable cookers, at the International Home + Housewares Show – the world’s premier exposition of products for the home. Midea’s small appliances provide fresh designs and unique features for food lovers with an eye for style and value.

“Kitchens are the heart of today’s home, and it’s understandable that consumers want their kitchen not only to look its very best, but also be ready for life’s everyday moments,” said Kurt Jovais, Sales and Marketing VP of Midea America Corp. “Our new, stylish and feature-rich small appliances are sure to impress.”

At the Show, Midea will introduce a line of blenders, including the MBL17PB, Personal Chef Series™ power blender. Built for speed and everyday functionality, the MBL17PB offers a feather touch control panel, scratch-proof 50 ounce glass carafe, two 32 ounce travel cups, and a removable, dishwasher safe, six blade chopper to enjoy smoothies and more. The MBL17PB will be available in stainless steel for $89.99 in May 2017.

Another blender added to the family will be the MBL17HS High Performance Blender. This blender offers 1400 watts of power and a 60 ounce Tritan carafe with a built-in, professional sixblade SUS 301 Stainless Steel system that creates consistent blending every time. The off-center blades create a vortex that delivers optimal results with each use. It will be available in a brushed stainless steel and black base, with other color variations for $179.99 in June 2017.

Experience a new kind of convenience with Midea’s 8000 Series Glass Kettle. The new MEK17GT-E8 Variable Temperature Glass Kettle offers quick and efficient heating for up to 57 ounces. This kettle offers long-term flawless brilliance, turning the act of boiling water into a relaxing kitchen ambience, and its scratch-resistant glass and brushed Stainless Steel finish means a crystal clear view for years. With an integrated stainless steel removable infuser and six different brew temperature settings for different tea varietals, including a warming setting, the MEK17GT-E8 will be available for $59.99 in April 2017.

The MEK17DW-B CoolTouch™ Kettle provides dual-wall construction that keeps beverages warmer inside while staying cool to the touch on the outside. It can hold up to 50 ounces, has an interior fill indicator, and automatically switches off when water is boiled, making it surprisingly easy to operate. The MEK17DW-B has a one-button, soft release pop-up lid, and a seamless stainless steel inner pot for easy cleaning. It will be available in April 2017 for $29.99 in black and white.

NRG Extractor (Nut/Rice/Grain)
Experience the healthy alternative to dairy without any of the industrial processing from the store brands; the NRG is ideal for making homemade almond, coconut and rice milk, fruit smoothies, soup, oatmeal and tofu. Midea’s new MNRG17 NRG (eNeRGy) Extractor offers advanced temperature and water level sensors, and solid-state power controls for superior performance and durability. Designed with a solid, one-piece body for easy cleaning, the MNRG17 has a fine grinder with two sharp blades to make sure any bean, nut or grain is finely grinded. With a touch control panel, users can simply press a button for any of the presets. It also comes with a tofu basket, measuring cup and fine mesh nut milk strainer bag. It will be available in May 2017 for $79.99.

Make all great meals simply in Midea’s TasteMaker™ All-in-One new MMC1710 multi-functional cooker. With 11 one-touch presets, the MMC1710 can create everyday dishes, one pot wonders, or gourmet masterpieces. The removable, super thick hemisphere bowl and its honeycomb surface provide uniform heating. Choose to brown/sauté before slow cooking or use Midea’s Unique DEFROST feature to cook frozen chicken all the way through, without that rubbery taste. Families can even use the MMC1710 to cook healthy grains like quinoa, brown rice, oatmeal and more. Each function beautifully preserves the nutrients in every serving. A BPA-free steamer basket is also included. The MMC1710 will be available for $99.99 in May 2017.

Create healthy and shareable dishes with the minimum amount of effort with Midea’s new line of slow cookers. The MSC1765DIP 6.5 quart and MSC176TGDIP 6.0 quart slow cookers have tempered glass lids, stainless steel exterior housing, oval stoneware pots with slide-proof rubber feet, and are equipped with Midea’s Feather Touch Technology for easier cleaning, and precise control over multiple cooking functions. Both also come with a 16 ounce warmer pot with a glass lid to keep dips and sauces warm while serving. The MSC1765DIP offers elegant side and lid handles, while the MSC176TGDIP has a tailgater locking lid which is perfect for taking dinner on the go. Both slow cookers will be available in April 2017 for (6.5QT) $59.99 and (6Qt) $69.99.

From dessert to dinner, flavors are unleashed under pressure with the Midea MPC176 Electric Pressure Cooker. Its 3D Pressure System circulates optimal pressure and heat, ensuring evenly cooked food. With seven taste options, 12 menu presets, and a 24-hour timer, the cooker can be programed to power on and begin cooking even if users are away. Designed with stainless steel housing, and a 1.5mm aluminum non-stick inner pot, the MPC176 is easy to clean, with a removable lid and inner cooking vessel. It will be available for $99.99 in May 2017.

Midea’s new MRC173 Rice Cooker can cook up to three cups of rice, ideal for small family or empty nesters. Not limited to cooking rice, the MRC173 is perfect for other grains such as barley and quinoa, oatmeal and steaming vegetables and fish with an aluminum steamer basket. It also comes with a spatula and measuring cup. The MRC173 will be available in black or white in April 2017 for $19.99.

Sporting a sleek design with a unique Blue LED panel, Midea’s MIND17ST Portable Induction Cooker brings the efficiency, safety, and speed of an induction stove-top into any kitchen, RV/Camper or dorm room. The patented three-ring copper heating element applies heat directly to the pot, resulting in minimal heat loss while keeping the surrounding area cool to the touch. The MIND17ST offers 10-stage power settings and six preset cooking functions, to help tailor users’ cooking with high precision, as well as a digital timer with three-hour range that enables you to put the induction cooker on autopilot. It will come with a nine-inch induction ready sauté pan with helper handles and glass lid. The MIND17ST will be available in multiple colors in April 2017 for $79.99.