SodaStream Unveils its Infusions Line

SodaStream International Ltd. (Nasdaq: SODA), the world’s number one sparkling water brand, has announced the release of its new Infusions ‘chilled brew’ product line. The release of the brand’s most innovative product, which features single use sachets to deliver invigorating herb and fruit blends, represents the launch of a new category within the booming flavored water industry.

When suspended inside a freshly carbonated SodaStream bottle of cold sparkling water, the Infusion sachet allows flavors to permeate the water, with just a hint of herbs and fruit flavors. Each sachet infuses one SodaStream bottle of sparkling water.

In line with the brand’s strategy to make water exciting, Infusions mark the most significant innovation of recent years in the global water industry. SodaStream is the first beverage brand to use the innovative concept of infusion, to enrich fresh carbonated water with herb and spice blends.

Infusions are offered in four artisanal blends: Citrus Fruits; Lemongrass and Verbena; Wild Rose, Hibiscus and Berries; and Wild Orchid and Spices.

“Inspired by the world of tea, consumers are now empowered to bring the goodness of nature’s garden into their sparking water creations,” said Daniel Birnbaum, CEO, SodaStream International. “This is one of the most exciting and creative product initiatives I’ve worked on because it takes water into a completely new and unexpected experience. I hope millions of consumers will share my excitement with our Infusions.”

SodaStream Infusions retail at $6.99 for 32 servings (8 bottle-size sachets), and will be rolling out to retailers in the third quarter of 2017.