Jenn-Air Offers New Level of Customization with Module Cooktops and Downdraft Ventilation Strips

With unique introductions including a concave induction wok and a 15″ chrome infused griddle, Jenn-Air brand’s new collection of sleek, module cooktops offering true flush-to-counter installation gives cooks a range of options for maximum customization. A new downdraft ventilation module, designed to keep both sightlines and the air clear, also will be introduced.

“Our new modules reflect our product design team’s relentless drive to create luxury appliances that incorporate beautiful design, disruptive technology and best-in-class performance,” notes Jenn-Air marketing director Brian Maynard.

The new collection of 15″ cooking modules will include a single burner cooktop with a wok ring, a two-burner gas cooktop, a chrome-infused griddle, a unique induction wok with a concave bowl and an induction cooktop. Gas modules and the griddle are scheduled for availability this summer, followed by the induction modules and a ventilation system in the fall.

“Designers and consumers alike will appreciate the option for true flush installation, allowing for seamless integration into the countertop,” says Maynard. “Equally important from a design perspective, the modules coordinate beautifully together as well as with larger cooktops in the Jenn-Air collection including new 30″ and 36″ gas cooktops that will be available this summer.”

Maynard notes that in addition to enabling the creation of a highly customized cooking area based on a person’s unique cooking habits, modules can supplement an existing cooktop or be placed in a different area of the kitchen to create a prep station. They also can be an ideal option for city kitchen designs, as well as a guest house or a bar area where space is limited and a full cooking surface may not be needed.

Jenn-Air™ Induction Wok Module
This unique modular induction wok features a concave design to cradle a round-bottom wok. With an element that delivers up to 3,600 watts and the high efficiency of induction technology, it provides powerful and effective wok cooking. Additional features include pan detection and glass touch controls.

Jenn-Air™ Induction Cooktop Module
By converting the cookware into the heat source, induction technology offers fast, efficient and highly responsive cooking power. The Jenn-Air™ induction module features a flexible element to accommodate various sized cookware and glass touch electronic controls.

Both the cooktop and wok modules feature pan detection, which detects cookware before enabling an element, and automatically turns off the element 30 seconds after cookware is removed. Both a Jenn-Air round-bottom and flat bottom wok will be offered as accessories for the induction modules.

Jenn-Air™ Chrome Infused Electric Griddle Module
Originally available on its Pro-Style® ranges and rangetops, this powerful, chrome infused griddle will soon be available as a 15″ module. Its chrome infused surface combined with 1,800 watts allows for faster cooking while radiating less heat in the kitchen. In addition to its durability, the chrome surface is easy to clean and maintains its sleek, shiny appearance. A white LED backlit knob indicates when the griddle is on.

Jenn-Air 2-Burner Gas Cooktop Module
This 2-burner modular gas cooktop features two elegant, brass 15,000 BTU burners including a dual-stacked PowerBurner that provides two levels of flame to handle a range of cooking methods, from high-powered searing and boiling to gentle simmering.

Jenn-Air™ Single-Burner Gas Cooktop with Wok Ring Module
Featuring the most powerful BTU output offered by Jenn-Air, the 20,000 BTU commercial-style, dual ring burner on this module can sear, create a rapid boil or achieve high heat for wok cooking while also achieving an ultra-low 700 BTUs, gentle enough to melt chocolate or butter without scorching. An included wok ring fits securely on top of the grates to accommodate a wok.

Both gas modules feature white LED backlit knobs to indicate when the burners are lit and elegant, removable brass burners for easy cleaning.

Jenn-Air™ Downdraft Vent Module
Featuring a sleek 4″ width design, a 350 CFM blower capacity and tap-touch backlit controls, this downdraft vent works with any cooktop module to keep the air clear without interrupting kitchen sightlines. For those in spaces that preclude access to exterior venting, the vent is convertible to duct-free ventilation that uses a filter to efficiently capture smoke, grease and moisture.

Suggested retail prices on the modules will be as follows: Induction Wok Module, $2,799; Induction Cooktop Module, $1,199; Chrome Infused Griddle, $1,899; Single Burner Gas Cooktop with Wok Ring, $1,149; 2-burner Gas Cooktop, $899; and Downdraft Ventilation System, $2,799.*