Work Sharp Culinary – A New Brand in the Kitchen Accessory Market

Work Sharp Culinary is introducing an innovative way to keep kitchen knives sharp all the time. Building on 10 years of success in the Outdoor Sportsman industry as leaders in the knife sharpening category, Work Sharp Culinary has integrated their proven sharpening technology into an elegant, kitchen friendly appliance designed to elevate the home chef experience.

Work Sharp Culinary sharpeners are available in electric and manual configurations. Their premier sharpening system, the E5, uses an automated electric sharpener to create razor sharp edges, and includes a ceramic honing rod for day-to-day edge refinement. Work Sharp Culinary uses similar technology to the way knives are made and factory sharpened—on flexible abrasive belts. With Work Sharp Culinary sharpeners, anyone can re-sharpen the same way knives are made—setting them apart from the many sharpening systems using grinding wheels and carbide rippers. “Our proven guided abrasive belt technology ensures high performance and versatility. We designed a compact, clean, quiet and easy to use sharpener with the performance of a professional system” says Dan Dovel, lead Work Sharp Culinary Design Engineer.

Work Sharp Culinary sharpeners are designed to become a regular part of the cooking process. The compact size, quiet operation, and ease of use make it easy to keep kitchen knives sharp as new without taking them to a sharpening service. “A sharp knife is every chef’s most important tool. We have created a sharpening system that will become an everyday routine. Work Sharp Culinary fills a gap in the marketplace for a simple, beautiful, sharpener designed to be used on a regular basis,” explains CEO and acting Brand Manager, Matthew Bernard.

Another exclusive feature of Work Sharp Culinary sharpeners is their MicroForge technology – a cold forging process that creates microscopic facets along the straight cutting edge of a knife. “MicroForge is an optional edge that can be put on almost any kitchen knife. It creates more durability, a longer lasting edge, and greater cutting control. The micro facets that MicroForge produces are tiny—the size of a human hair. We have found that a MicroForge is favored when cutting veggies, fruits, cooked proteins, and crusty bread,” says Assistant Brand Manager, Holly Deffenbaugh.

Work Sharp Culinary is part of Darex, a sharpening focused family business since 1973. Darex products are designed, engineered, and assembled in Ashland, OR.

Work Sharp Culinary sharpeners will be available in stores this September.