Egg Gathering Apron® and Egg Collecting Apron®is the Perfect Accessory for Spring Farming

Egg Gathering Apron® and Egg Collecting Apron® Made by Fluffy Layers® is the Perfect Accessory for Spring Farming.

With the “peep, peep” of new chicks signaling the start of spring, backyard farmers are looking for the perfect tools to ensure a successful season.

One of those “must-have” spring accessories is the Egg Gathering Apron® and the Egg Collecting Apron® from Fluffy Layers. Designed in various patterns and sizes, the apron allows users to easily gather eggs in one visit to their coops. Aprons can hold between 10 to 15 eggs and come in children’s sizes to make gathering a family affair. They feature hand-drawn chickens, farm animals and flowers.

Tara Jane Grier was inspired to start her business when attending a country fair where she saw an apron with rooster fabric. Her first two chickens, Rhode Island Reds, added to that inspiration.

“With an education in design, I left my career in Manhattan as a fashion sales executive to start a new dream: As a wife to my college sweetheart, an entrepreneur and mommy to two fun-loving boys,” she said. “Designing around my new suburban lifestyle came naturally. With that mindset, I created our Egg Collecting Apron as a pretty and functional way to gather eggs.”

Her business has since expanded to include a home collection, totes, cosmetic bags and scarves, equestrian items and cellphone cases. Her chicken population has expanded as well – the family now has 15 chickens and three rabbits.

Grier’s work paid off when she was recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year in the October/November 2016 issue of “Looking Good” magazine.

Fluffy Layers can be found in over 200 a farm and feed stores across the United States, as well as national chains of farm and feed stores.