Brit-Pop Sensation Bipolar Sunshine Makes Stateside Debut

British Alt-Pop soloist, Bipolar Sunshine, is back with his euphoric new single “Are You Happy.” The song is now available at all digital retailers. Produced by longtime collaborator, Jazz Purple, the stirring pop track highlights the singer’s melancholy vocals backed by a huge chorus featuring a Los Angeles choir.

“It hits your soul the way we tried to deliver it,” assures the artist. “There was a point in my life when I wouldn’t allow my self to fully enjoy a moment. The song is about trying to enjoy the moment without thinking past the moment. It’s a celebration of where I want to be.”

Born Adio Marchant to Jamaican parents in Manchester, England, Bipolar Sunshine grew up listening to a smorgasbord of music that included everything from hometown favorites Oasis to the Carpenters to ’90s Hip-Hop, UK Garage and Reggae. Despite such colorful influences, the former member of Ska-Pop outfit, Kid Brit, categorizes his own sound as “grey.”

“People see a Black face and they automatically think you’re doing R&B or hip-hop,” explains Bipolar Sunshine. “When I said I wanted to make music like Oasis, people told me I would not be understood. But I’m not afraid to say I write pop songs. This music enables me to express exactly what I’m feeling.”

Bolstered by a high profile appearance on the DJ Snake compilation, Encore, Bipolar Sunshine’s achromatic stylings have taken off internationally with the multiplatinum smash “Middle,” which has garnered over 200 million views on VEVO. He is currently touring the US with The Knocks.