Indie Music Sensation Hello Kylie Releases New Single and Video

Hello Kylie is back with a new single that drops on all major streaming services, YouTube and in App Stores on March 29th. Hello Kylie is an 11-year-old artist from Los Angeles. Her music has inspired a new generation to get out and play, make videos, and share with others online. Hello Kylie has been recording singles and making videos for years, while growing a following on and Youtube that’s in the millions. Her latest single Feature from Quavo is being released by independent music label, New Muzik Order and is, according to them, her most mature and rounded single yet.

Kylie jumped on the music scene in 2016 when she released her 1st single “Sleep is for Suckas” A video that featured a 10yr old Kylie visiting her grandmother in an “Old Folks” home which grew in the millions.

Kylie’s 2nd record Abracadabbra was released in Sept 2016 and had over 75 million likes and views and over 500,000 videos were made using Hello Kylie’s song and hashtags.

Technology has brought about the rise of independent music labels and artists that might never have been seen without the help of social media platforms. Hello Kylie’s YouTube channel has thousands of subscribers and millions of views. Working with New Muzik Order has helped the young songstress not only receive the production value in her music, but also has helped artist reach a wider audience.

Hello Kylie has worked with both Cavitt and her father, to put the right team to produce her music, as well as, create dance steps for all her videos. The trio have been a powerhouse from an independent perspective.

“Hello Kylie is really a youth phenomenon,” says Jerald Cavitt. He and Alex Cantrall co-founded the New Muzik Order Indie Label, that distributes Hello Kylie’s music. “She’s very in control of her own image, what she wants to portray and has an amazing amount of talent. We are confident this upcoming single will blow people away.”