Skipp Whitman Drops “Indie” – A Video “By and About the Indie Artist”

Skipp Whitman dropped “Indie,” a new video release from his new album, Piece. It premiered on Hip Hop music site, ‘Indie,’ is by and about the Indie artist. A fresh voice and perspective – Skipp is breaking out of generic mainstream Hip Hop dialogue. Fellow Indie artist, J.W.J co-wrote and sang the hook – adding a powerful and melodic voice to the work.

So it seems that it’s become uncool to want a record deal … but just what does the ‘Indie’ life entail? And what is the new definition of ‘making it?’ Are you actually living off your music if you’re still living at home?

Skipp’s first video release from Piece was “Downtown” and features cuts by Statik Selektah. Having written and composed all of the tracks on his new album, Skipp’s aim on Piece was to tell personal stories that many can relate to.

Much like he did in ‘Sucks Being Broke,’ a song from his earlier album 5 AM (and a video featured on, Skipp keeps the focus on life in just about every song. ‘Work work work’ — unlike Rihanna’s hit — is actually about work! As in: a job. Stories on the album range from a day spent on July 4th last year, to reflections on life and a heartbreaking ode to the end of a long relationship.

Working with director Imani Pina, Skipp plans to release at least three more videos over the next two months.

Tracks from Piece include:

2.Downtown w cuts by Statik Selektah
3.A Day In The Life
4.All Dying (ft J.W.J)
5.Indie (ft J.W.J)
8.Work Work Work
9.Wild World
10.The End (ft J.W.J)

About Skipp Whitman
Skipp Whitman is an emcee and producer now living LA, having moved from the East Coast where his love for Hip Hop started in Middle School. Where he paid his dues and found his first inspiration to write and perform. He describes his music as, “autobiographic, reminiscent and honest to a fault.” He has released five self-produced albums including “Free Agent” in 2007, “Skipp City” in 2011, all using his own production by way of samples. His first completely original composition was the album “5am” in September 2012, followed by “Whitman Can’t Jump” in 2014. Whitman has opened for Kanye West on his College Dropouts tour, as well as for KRS, Talib Kweli, Kool G Rap, Nas and Guru, to name a few.