Mark Stein Of Legendary Band, Vanilla Fudge, Is The First Official Hammond Artist To Record With The Revolutionary XK-5 Keyboard

Hammond USA has announced Vanilla Fudge lead vocalist/ keyboardist and founding member, Mark Stein, is the first official artist to use its revolutionary new Hammond XK-5 Heritage Pro System Organ and Leslie 3300W speaker during a recording session. The XK-5 is the brand-new Portable Flagship Organ from Hammond. Hammond has just launched the proprietary, patent pending, multi-contact keyboard, which is analogous to vintage Hammonds.

“It is a great honor to be the first authorized Hammond artist to be using the new XK-5 on my new solo tracks,” says Stein, who while still spearheading the legendary Vanilla Fudge, is taking time to finish a new solo album.

Hammond Product Specialist/Artist Liaison Scott May says: “Mark has always been on the vanguard, and we are thrilled he has chosen the XK-5 to push his envelope even further. We can’t wait to hear what magic he makes with it.”

The multi-contact keyboard allows organists the “feel” of a vintage instrument in a modern highly portable one. Four sets of drawbars, virtual tone-wheels, a modeled matching transformer, an accurate digital Leslie, and a real 2 tube preamp, are among its top features.

Adds Stein: “This new organ is a terrific new addition to the Hammond portable fleet. It looks and feels like a B-3 and sounds great, with user-friendly options. The XK-5 allows you to create the traditional Hammond models from the past, as well as experiment with the different digital onboard Leslie sounds. It is miles ahead of any competitors.”

Stein will soon return to the road with Vanilla Fudge, which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary. His acclaimed biography You Keep Me Hangin’ On is available at