Experts Agree That Combining Treatments is the Best Nonsurgical Approach to Hair Loss

Hair loss challenges one’s self-perception and is a highly personal issue for both men and women alike.

Nonsurgical treatments are helpful in treating hair loss. Bosley, the leader in medical hair restoration and hair loss solutions, has combined three modern and proven treatment options to create a nonsurgical powerhouse called TriGen+ with PRP. TriGen+ with PRP combines platelet-rich plasma therapy with the power of low-level laser therapy and Bosley Professional Strength® products containing minoxidil. When these three treatment options are utilized together, patients can expect to see more effective results than when using single treatment options alone.

PRP therapy, one of the latest nonsurgical breakthroughs in hair loss prevention, stimulates hair follicles using the patient’s own growth factor-carrying platelets.

“PRP is one of the most exciting advancements in hair restoration because of its potential to help you regrow your hair and thicken your existing hair without surgery or an extensive time commitment,” shares Dr. Jeffrey Cole, hair restoration expert, Bosley Medical Group.

How does it work? PRP utilizes the body’s own potent growth factors found in platelets to stimulate natural hair growth. By delivering the platelet-derived growth factors to a patient’s areas of thinning hair, PRP treatment is able to promote growth of healthy hair and regrowth of thinning hair.

Essentially, TriGen+ with PRP combines PRP treatments with a clinical-strength, low-level laser therapy device that uses a specific wavelength of light to stimulate hair growth, along with Bosley Professional Strength products containing minoxidil to inhibit hair loss, regrow hair and support a healthy hair growth environment.

“It makes sense. I tell my patients that when battling hair loss, it’s not about using one therapy — it’s about combining the arsenal of available therapies to address the problem. The more you can throw at it, the greater the chance a person has to control his or her hair loss and even regrow hair. PRP now provides us with an important additional tool,” says Dr. Edwin Suddleson, assistant medical director, Bosley Medical Group.

TriGen+ with PRP benefits a wide range of people. Whether they are in early-stage hair loss or want to supplement a surgical hair restoration procedure, TriGen+ with PRP promotes hair regrowth.