“Heli & Horsepower Experience” Tours

Sundance Helicopters, Inc., the most experienced and highest-rated experiential tourism company in Las Vegas, has partnered with Exotic Driving Experiences for the “Sundance Heli & Horsepower Experiences” tours geared towards those looking for a thrilling adventure during their Las Vegas vacation.

“Visitors from all over the world can now experience something unique,” said Jim Greiner, President of Sundance Helicopters. “We’ve partnered with Exotic Driving Experiences to enable anyone to not only see one of the seven natural wonders of the world, but the thrill of driving a Ferrari, Lamborghini or American muscle car with Lake Mead as the backdrop.”

“As the only on-road automotive experience company in Las Vegas, we had the opportunity to offer something uniquely experiential alongside Sundance Helicopters,” said Stephen Price, director of unique global events for Exotic Driving Experiences. “We are at the forefront of the exotic cars tour business and see this as an enhancement of an already amazing thrill experience.”

The tour begins with a stretch limousine pickup from various Las Vegas Strip and Downtown properties where they’ll be taken to the Sundance Helicopters terminal for a pre-flight check-in. Guests will then be escorted to a state-of-the-art helicopter where they’ll experience views of the historic Hoover Dam, Lake Mead National Recreation Area and Mojave Desert before landing on a private bluff inside the Grand Canyon for breakfast. After taking in the views of the Grand Canyon, guests will once again board a Sundance helicopter and fly over the Las Vegas Strip to the terminal where a stretch limo awaits to take customers to Exotic Driving Experiences. There, they will be safety briefed and driven to the staging area to choose various exotic and/or muscle cars for a self-driven guided tour around Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Once the driving tours are complete, a transporter will drop-off guests back at their hotel. The 6 ½ hour “Sundance Heli & Horsepower Experiences” tour starts at $749 per person.

For more information or to book this tour, please go to: www.sundancehelicopters.com/heli-n-horsepower-experiences/