History Comes Alive: New Tours at the Egyptian Museum Turin Available at WeekendinItaly.com

Guided by professional Egyptologists, tours of the reimagined Egyptian Museum of Turin are now accessible online

Thanks to a new agreement between Weekendinitaly.com, the leading online marketer of Italy events, tours, and museum tickets, and the Egyptian Museum of Turin, travelers can access not only the museum but also new and exciting tours guided by Museum Egyptologists. Considered second only to Cairo’s, the Egyptian Museum makes Egypt’s ancient civilizations relevant even in these modern times.

Visitors and families find various options at their disposal. The basic ticket includes a video guide, with suggested itineraries. Egyptian history enthusiasts, however, can choose from six different tours, each guided by a Museum Egyptologist. These experts break the mold of a typical museum visit and guarantee a thought provoking, thrilling, and scientifically charged couple of hours. Themes include Egyptian animal-gods; everyday life; divine and magic powers; learning to read hieroglyphs; and even a treasure hunt for the whole family.

“The Egyptian Museum is always an unexpected treat for Turin visitors,” says WeekendinItaly.com CEO Alessandro Naldi, “Instead of dull and dusty exhibits, the redesigned museum takes you right into life as it was back then. Visitors marvel at how advanced the culture was and how surprisingly similar the challenges of Egyptian daily life were to those of today.” Naldi observed, “Personally, I like mystery and found the Egyptologist’s use of games, wit, and scientific knowledge to unravel everything from language to hieroglyphs to animal spirits right on target for me.”

Access to this exciting approach to Egyptian history is available at this link http://www.weekendinitaly.com/torino/tour/443-turin-egyptian-museum.html
Reserve admission tickets to the Turin Egyptian Museum here http://www.weekendinitaly.com/torino/museo_dett/29-other-museums/9517-turin-egyptian-museum.html.

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