G-SHOCK Highlights Watches That Stand Up To Tough Jobs

Casio G-SHOCK has built its brand on offering consumers tough, tactical timepieces able to withstand grueling conditions without sacrificing style. For many with tough jobs, exposure to extreme weather conditions only heightens the need for a reliable timepiece that can stand up to seasonal elements of severe heat, humidity and increased hours on the job.

G-SHOCK Highlights Key Watches That Stand Up To Tough Summer Jobs (PRNewsfoto/Casio, Inc.)

Casio G-SHOCK watches featuring water resistance, mud resistance and GPS capabilities, offer the functionality and durability needed to get the job done for lifeguards, those employed in the construction trade, and pilots, among others.

G-SHOCK’s G-LIDE series is favored by some of the world’s top surfers and extreme water sports athletes for its unique water-related features. Among its latest designs are the G-LIDE wood pattern collection (GWX5600WA-7 and GWX5600WB-5) and the G-LIDE summer gradation-theme, (GAX100MSA-2A and GAX100MSB-1A). In addition to G-SHOCK’s standard 200M water resistance, both collections feature tough solar technology, a tide indicator and moon graph as well as a thermometer to gather key information about the surf. These models are available for purchase now and retail for $160.

the MUDMASTER GG100 offers protection from mud and other natural elements with exclusive mud-resist gaskets on the pipes that guide buttons and shafts. This series also delivers advanced features including the Twin Sensor technology of built-in compass and thermometer, perfect for the outdoor nature of builders and many other construction trades. This model is available for purchase now in army green (GG1000-1A3), desert tan (GG1000-1A5) or vintage gold and black (GG1000GB-1A) for $320.

G-SHOCK created the Connected GRAVITYMASTER GPW2000-1A, built specifically for aviation experts. The new model features connected GPS capabilities including Mission Stamp – a function that will record time and location to a special Smartphone Link app, which can then be viewed in a flight log. The GPW2000-1A also contains a longitude indicator as well as a latitude indicator – adding a key function to record travel location and history for pilots carrying out their missions. This model is available for purchase now and retails for $800.