Gerber® Wiggle-Proof Socks with STAY-ON Technology

Gerber Childrenswear LLC is excited to announce their launch of Gerber® Wiggle-Proof Baby Socks with STAY-ON Technology available in Burlington Coat Factory stores and Amazon.

“As an industry leader in children’s apparel, we’re excited to introduce new products designed for on-the-go lifestyles of today’s parents,” said Jeanne Dullea, Senior Vice President of Business Development/Marketing. We’re so pleased that our mom and baby testers loved our wiggle-proof socks. It’s a good feeling to know that all the hard work and dedication put into this innovative product translates to positive feedback from parents.”

Aligning with Gerber Childrenswear’s commitment to provide quality yet functional products, the wiggle-proof socks are engineered with STAY-ON technology and specifically designed to stay on baby’s little feet to provide a comfortable, secure fit. The unique, snug-fit knitted design at the opening and soft, stretchy fabric keep these socks right where they belong – on baby’s feet! The innovative socks deliver on key features today’s active parents are looking for at a value price:

•No-fuss, easy-on socks for quick dressing.
•Cotton blend fabric is designed to flex and conform to baby’s feet.
•Extra support at ankle for a comfortable sock without leaving any marks.
•Deeper heal pocket allows the sock to mirror baby’s foot shape for a secure fit.
•Easy to wash and dry for added convenience.
•Available in two sizes for baby boys and girls: 0-6 months and 6-12 months
•Assorted boy and girl solid colors and jacquard prints
•Value-priced to fit any budget: 8-Pack for $9.99

“Our newest innovative socks are sure to become a favorite must-have for new parents,” said Jeanne Dullea. “They’re comfortable, adorable, affordable and the perfect accessory to any baby’s outfit.”