GG Expo 2018, The First Player-Focused Esports Expo

GG Expo Inc. announced GG Expo™ 2018, the first player-focused conference and expo in the United States to cover the breadth of the esports landscape. Programming will feature major esports titles and categories, encompassing Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), First Person Shooter (FPS), Fighting, Card, Sport and Real-time Strategy (RTS) games. GG Expo 2018 is a three-day event taking place Memorial Day weekend in Bellevue, Washington’s Meydenbauer Center, minutes from downtown Seattle.

Esports experts from Intel, RumbleMonkey, Curse Media, Splyce Gaming, and Stimulant join the Board of Advisors. When fully staffed, the Board will include a large community of players, cosplayers and representatives from esports-related compans to guide the development of the event and ensure an authentic esports experience.

GG Expo 2018 is Esports
The three-day program will feature gameplay strategy sessions, panel discussions, esports contests and competitions across multiple stages, zones and exhibits:

  • Center Stage and Gaming Stages: Exhibition tournaments, gameplay demonstrations and panel discussions with professional players
  • GG Discover Theater: Top players, teams, streamers, students and industry experts discuss trending topics in esports
  • Contests and Fan Experiences: Participate in GG Expo’s “Tricked Out PC,” “Best in Cosplay” and “Best of GG Expo” contests
  • Esports Triceleron: University and professional players compete to be crowned best all-around esports triathlete
  • Expo & Fan Zone: Experience new games, products and services

“Our aspiration is to create something truly unique for the players. GG Expo 2018 is where esports communities come together to share their appreciation for what they love,” said GG Expo founder and RumbleMonkey CEO Jacob Rapoport. “‘GG’ is shorthand for ‘good game,’ something that’s immediately recognizable to players and fans of esports alike, and highlights the community focused mission of GG Expo. It’s about creating the show fellow gamers and esports enthusiasts want to see.”

Esports are defined as video games played in competitive environments, including league play, with a clear winner. Examples of popular esports titles include League of Legends, DOTA2, Overwatch, Hearthstone, SuperSmash Bros, and NBA 2K.

George Woo, Intel Esports Marketing Manager:
“I’ve been involved with Esports for over a decade and I love to see the esports community coming together in new and interesting ways. GG Expo’s mission in helping players be successful in esports and elevating their game is something that I personally think is really great for the esports community as a whole.”

Jacob Rapoport, CEO, RumbleMonkey:
“RumbleMonkey is focused on enhancing gameplay by making real-money esports accessible to players from all walks of life. GG Expo represents a fantastic opportunity to bring together people who share a love of esports, celebrating the titles they play, and engaging with the community. As gamers ourselves, that’s something RumbleMonkey can really get behind.”

Kyle McKitrick, General Manager, Splyce Gaming:
“Players are at the heart of esports. GG Expo helps prepare the next generation of athletes for the big stage and will keep esports booming for years to come.”

Darren David, CEO, Stimulant:
“Digital communities need to come together at times in physical spaces to form strong community bonds. We love the GG Expo vision of bringing together esports players and fans and welcoming them to come as they are, celebrating the wide range of backgrounds, ages, and interests that make up this amazing community of gamers.”

Th3 Rat, Professional Hearthstone Player:
“Becoming pro isn’t something that just happens, for most people it takes a lot of determination and dedication. I’ve played at the top level of a few games and having an event, like GG Expo, where I could have heard from people who have made it, would have been a huge help in advancing my career and me as a person. I’m fortunate, to be in the position I’m in now. Now, I get to help others and see them succeed in esports which is fantastic.”

Additional details will be announced in the coming months. Tickets will go on sale in early 2018.