House Of Marley Debuts Brand-First, Sustainably Designed Turntable ‘Stir It Up’

Breaking into the turntable market with style and superior sound, House of Marley announces the anticipated launch of Stir It Up, the market’s most sustainably-crafted record player on Saturday, April 22, 2017 in honor of both Earth Day and Record Store Day. Designed to recall the golden era of vinyl, during which House of Marley’s namesake Bob Marley was king, Stir It Up elevates retro sentiment to a new level of functionality and sustainable design.

Crafted with a solid bamboo plinth, the turntable pairs earth-friendly materials with high-quality audio. The Stir it Up’s built-in pre-amp and included 3.5mm stereo auxiliary cable allows direct connection to various speakers from the House of Marley collection or any existing in-home audio system.

“We’re introducing a new product category to our collection, allowing us to showcase a wide array of brilliantly designed, eco-conscious capabilities,” explains Director of Product Development Josh Poulsen. “There is no replacement for the feel vinyl delivers, and we wanted to give our customers the perfection of that experience.”

In addition to the natural bamboo, Stir it Up incorporates House of Marley’s own REGRIND™ recycled silicone rubber and the company’s REWIND™ fabric, made of up-cycled hemp and plastic bottles, on the exterior casing. The turntable features a solid metal tone arm for precise sound delivery and a replaceable, ½” mount, audio-technica® cartridge, making the record player easy to maintain and customize. The USB to PC recording capability lets users transform their favorite LPs into MP3s, while the front headphone jack allows for solo vinyl listening.

“The beauty of the Stir it Up lies in its ecological balance. We’re bringing high quality, earth-friendly materials together with innovative design. The result is powerful sound and a stylish look for the new turntable,” states Rohan Marley, Director and Brand Ambassador for House of Marley. “We are amplifying our father’s true sound to the masses.”

Stir It Up will be available for purchase at retail locations nationwide, starting April 22. Pricing: $229.00 standard edition | $249.00 12″ Legend vinyl bundle.

Solid bamboo plinth construction
45/33 RPM
Belt drive with automatic pitch control and auto start feature
Solid aluminum alloy platter
Rigid metal tone arm
Replaceable Audio-Technica MM cartridge
Built-in pre-amp with off switch for phono out
USB to PC recording capability
3.5mm front headphone jack
Anti-skating control
Regrind™ silicone slip pad
Rewind™ fabric dust cover

Sustainable Materials:
Regrind™ recycled silicone rubber
Rewind™ up-cycled fabric made from 30% hemp, 30% organic cotton and 40% recycled plastic bottles (RPET)
Formaldehyde-free MDF
Recycled aluminum alloy