The House of Worth Presents Belle by Worth, a New Fragrance Inspired by ‘Beauty and the Beast’

The House of Worth, a prestige global fragrance designer, announces the exclusive arrival of Belle, a new limited-edition women’s scent inspired by the central character in Walt Disney’s new live action adaptation of the classic tale “Beauty and the Beast”, now premiering worldwide. With the aim of raising awareness of conscious beauty and literary empowerment in the 21st Century, Belle by Worth takes the rose, also central to the legend, as the central inspiration.

Belle by Worth is the creation of master perfumer and voracious reader, Honorine Blanc of Firmenich, and is a luxurious, feminine concoction which blends Rose de Mai with aromatic woods and spicy pink peppers.

Belle by Worth is presented in the couture house’s original, octagonal weighty glass bottle, which is inscribed with the W of the House of Worth. The bottle is topped with a sustainable wooden cap which is finished in metallic pearl and features the word “Belle” engraved in gold by master calligrapher Bernard Maisner. The fragrance is packaged within a hollowed out book, taking its inspiration from Belle’s love of reading, and available in three collectable colors – chartreuse, crimson red and navy blue.

Belle by Worth is the first fragrance to be created and distributed worldwide by Akita Brands, with the aim of raising awareness of conscious beauty in the 21st Century and supporting global powerhouses with vegan, cruelty free and provenance-conscious beauty products.

“When you mix a creative talent such as Charles Frederick Worth, the first couturier who revolutionized the fashion industry and single-handedly created the modern brand, together with Disney, a natural evolution was to create a rebellious rose fragrance inspired by today’s ‘rebelles'” states Akita Brands founder, Nikita Mehta.

Belle by Worth, an enduring fragrance, with a secret, shared message of wisdom and empowerment at its core, is here to inspire a new generation to read. dream. believe.