Important pet-friendly travel tips

Keep furry family members top-of-mind for summer travel and consider these travel tips:

  • Before you hit the road, get packing: Packing must-have travel supplies will make road tripping with pets stress-free. Include an appropriate-sized leash and collar, bottled water, sealed pet food and treats, feeding bowls, your pet’s favorite toys and plastic bags for picking up after your pet.   For those traveling with a cat, pack a disposable litter box, cat harness and leash.
  • Check and organize your pet’s documentation: Securely fasten your pet’s ID tag, with their name, your name and cell phone number; and their current rabies tag to their collar and crate while traveling. Pack certificates verifying your pet’s vaccines and a current photo of your pet in the event you get separated, but remember that microchipping your pet can ensure a speedy reunion. Microchip details should be checked at least once a year to make sure your contact information is up-to-date.
  • Keep pets safe and secure: Pet parents aren’t the only ones who need to buckle up – pets do too! Pets who aren’t secured in a properly-sized crate or buckled up in the backseat may cause distractions and an accident. Consider your pet’s carrier their own little RV. Giving pets their own dedicated space will give them comfort, which is especially important in unfamiliar locations. For dogs who don’t travel in crates, the Good2Go Booster Dog Car Seat and the Good2Go Safe & Hound Easy Click Seat Belt Adapter are a must for pups who ride in the back seat.
  • Keep Fido calm and carry on: Traveling can be stressful so to keep them as calm as possible  make sure to stop every four to six hours so the pups can stretch their legs, play, take a restroom break and get some food and water. Bring your pet’s favorite bed, blanket and toys, since familiar scents and objects can help comfort your pet. If time allows, train your pet to endure the long trip by gradually building up their tolerance for longer car rides and increase the distance over time.

Once you’ve taken the time to prepare your pet for the journey ahead, kick back, relax and enjoy making memories together on the open road.