Pets Parents Love to Celebrate their Furry Babies

Just in time for National Pet Day, Mars Petcare US, the world’s leading pet nutrition and health care business, reveals a new survey that shows just how much pet owners value the pets in their lives, and how pet parents give back to their pets.

Pets are known to be a big part of the family, and these new findings show just how much pet owners love and cherish their furry friends by taking a new look at the way they interact with their pets. The survey, conducted by a research firm in March 2017, polled 1,000 pet owners to find out more about their relationships with their pets.

“Pets have truly become part of our families and it’s no secret that pets make people happy,” said Jam Stewart, director of corporate communications at Mars Petcare. “From increased social skills and physical activity to reduced rates of stress, depression, and heart disease, dogs and cats play a significant role in making our lives – and our worlds – better.”

From giving gifts to having conversations with our pets, the survey revealed that often times, we put our pets first.

Pets as Shopping Buddies
We all like to treat ourselves, but turns out many pet parents find joy in treating their pets, too. In fact, 53 percent of owners also said that they’re more likely to splurge on their pets than themselves, showing just how deep the love for pets goes. And it turns out, pets are great companions out and about, as well as at home – 40 percent of pet owners have taken a pet shopping with them, and 43 percent agree that they prefer shopping at businesses that allow them to bring their pet inside.

Pets Win Big on Special Days
While pet parents aren’t limited in the times that they choose to celebrate their pets, a few days stand out as most likely to result in some additional doting on our pets. It turns out, if you’ve been to a birthday party for a pet, you’re not alone – nearly half of pet owners surveyed said that they celebrate their pet’s birthday or adoption day with a party or gifts.

Pet owners are including their pets in holiday celebrations, too. Nearly one in four pet owners agree that they give more gifts to their pets than to their friends and family during the holiday season.

Pets: Our Furry Family Members
It’s clear why people find occasions to celebrate their pets: the bond between pets and owners is like no other, and pets bring so much to the lives of their owners. Just ask the 70 percent of pet owners who have one-sided conversations with their furry friend when they’re alone, the nearly half of pet owners who confide in their pet and share secrets with them, or the 40 percent of pet parents who check in with the pet sitter at least once a day when they’re away from home. In fact, 22 percent of pet parents call home when they’re away so that their pets can hear their voice.