Innovative Dehumidifier Systems’ IW25 In-wall Dehumidifier Manages Moisture and Prevents Mold from Colonizing

Rain and melting snow during spring often lead to moisture issues in basements and crawl spaces, which creates the perfect environment for rapid mold growth. For many, mold equals respiratory issues and allergy attacks. The IW25 from Innovative Dehumidifier Systems prevents these problems and stops one from having an expensive cleanup job.

According to remediation professionals, mold only needs three things to grow rapidly: food, dark spaces and moisture. In homes, mold especially likes to colonize on certain building materials like wood or drywall. The fungus absorbs nutrition from the surface of these materials. It’s usually impractical to build or renovate a home with materials from which mold cannot grow. It is also difficult to avoid having some interior spaces being darker than others — and mold loves darkness. That leaves moisture control as the most effective strategy to stop mold before it can establish.

Innovative Dehumidifier Systems’ IW25 unit is fully independent of HVAC systems, and can be piped into plumbing so that it never has to be manually drained. The system is whisper-quiet, energy-efficient, and installation into the wall generally takes less than an hour. A new feature of the IW25 is its paintable front cover, allowing for easy color coordination and making the unit even more unobtrusive.

In addition to installing an efficient dehumidifier like the IW25, property owners can take proactive steps to limit moisture intrusion. These include inspecting and cleaning gutters, draining water away from foundations, and caulking ground-level windows. Annual basement and crawlspace inspections can pinpoint and prevent future issues. In the event of a mold problem, installing an IW25 unit after remediation can prevent the mold from returning.