Jazz Singer Kathy Sanborn’s Recollecting You

Kathy Sanborn is a proven talent as a singer/composer/lyricist/producer/arranger, and in her newest release Recollecting You, she more than proves she knows her way around a love song. The 2015 American Songwriting Award winner presents an album that critic Dee Dee McNeil says is “cozy, soft, and sexy,” while critic Mark S. Tucker calls Recollecting You “breathtaking.”

According to multi-Grammy Award winner Kabir Sehgal, “Recollecting You is a romantic tour de force. With a uniquely lush and powerfully emotive vocal style, Sanborn draws musical inspiration from the past while pushing the evolution of the genre ever forward.”

The ten original tunes address tender emotions from exultant to bittersweet, and Sanborn’s velvety voice caresses the lyrics, musing on deep relationships including the romantic, maternal, familial, and friendly varieties. Sanborn creates a consistent mood while exploring the rhymes and rhythms of each tune, demonstrating that she’s a storyteller of remarkable subtlety.

Highlights from Recollecting You include:

“The Boys Are Back Again,” a flirtatious cooker that demands repeated listens.

“Recollecting You,” which is introduced early in the album with poetically nostalgic lyrics, then reprised in a vocalese “Snowfall Version” as the CD’s finale.

“Reflections in the Rain” presents a moody portrait of New York after dark, as seen at the end of a love affair. “Another Sultry Night”: Sanborn’s vocal treatment ensures the song lives up to its name. The simple but effective accompaniment lets her voice shine.

An international cast of creative musicians joins Sanborn on Recollecting You, including Keerthy Narayanan, who produced the album, wrote the musical arrangements (Sanborn arranged the vocals), and also plays keyboards and bass. The India-based Narayanan, who also worked with Sanborn on her highly lauded 2015 recording Lights of Laniakea, is recognized for his contributions to the Grammy-winning album, Winds of Samsara. The other band members on Recollecting You are pianist Aman Almeida, drummer Abhinav Khanna, guitarists Vito Gregoli and Ciro Hurtado, a Latin Grammy nominee; trumpeter Wayne Ricci, and violinist Rocio Marron.

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