Justifiable Homicide, a newly released novel by Jeffrey Warren

Straight out of today’s headlines: computer data encryption, drug epidemic and trafficking, ‘El Chapo’, the power of the media, comes Justifiable Homicide, a newly released novel by Jeffrey Warren.

About the Novel: The $500 billion a year illegal drug trafficking business has a secret relationship with seemingly legitimate bankers and mainstream financial markets which is exposed by a story in the press that reverberates on front pages around the world.

The question that even legitimate investigators seem not to be asking is: “Where’s the Money?”

Unlikely partners Jon Reynolds, PhD (computer-encryption wunderkind who has a personal, vested interest in the outcome), and Katie Ruiz, a talented investigative reporter with a checkered past, devise a dangerous and clandestine plan to expose the business and the players in it — as well as to reveal to the general public the staggering proportions of the scheme. Implementing it means Jon and Katie will face cartels, violence, corruption, and an inept DEA — in addition to their own fears and demons.

This is a story grounded in real facts that exist in the real world — our world. It is also a telling statement about the impact that ordinary citizens can have on world events — an unlikely “Power of One” tale.

“… a unique and truly remarkable story.” Frank Kressen, Editor, Kansas City
“Justifiable Homicide is one of the most expertly executed thrillers I have read for a long time. In my opinion Jeffrey Warren has created an accomplished piece of writing and is well-deserving of a place alongside the top authors in this genre.” — Lynne Barnes, Stourport-on-Severn, United Kingdom, BarnseyBooksUK. Rating: 5 Stars