A Newly Recorded Song by 15-year-old JP Vance that Reminds All of Us How Great It Is to Be an American

A new song by 15-year-old recording artist JP Vance is reminding us how great it is to be an American. “This is America” is the new song by JP, and it is very inspiring. JP believes this song can start a new revolution that will create new appreciation for our great country. He hopes that maybe this song can help people in America better appreciate our country.

This song reminds the listener of how joining together can create synergy. It is a song with no bias only the idea of love and working together. This song will make anyone who listens sing along and feel great. JP Vance thinks it is time for America to unite together.

JP Vance was born in Portland, Oregon. He was raised from ages 2 to 12 in Beijing, China, and appreciates both China and America. JP Vance truly believes that America is the greatest country in the world. He speaks, reads and writes at native levels in both English and Chinese. JP Vance has lived in two countries, so he has a real perspective on how great is America.

JP Vance had a number one song in China at 12 years old “Girl in Beijing.” At 5-years-old, JP was discovered quite by accident in Beijing by Bobby Taylor, a former Motown recording artist. Bobby had also discovered Michael Jackson. Bobby made two albums with JP Vance.

JP Vance will be donating a percentage of all his earnings to veterans in memory of his grandfather, Felix. JP looks forward to being a catalyst in the rebirth of the movement of making/keeping America the greatest country in the world. He hopes you will listen to his new song “This is America.” JP dreams of singing the song at every stadium in America and at the White House someday.

The song can be bought on ITunes and CD Baby (https://www.cdbaby.com/m/cd/jpvance3), among other places.