Kano’s Motion Sensor Kit – Teaches All Ages to Build Games, Apps & Songs

Kano, the DIY computer company, announced its Motion Sensor Kit, the most affordable, end-to-end learn-to-code product on the market. The new kit uses a USB sensor to translate motion, such as a hand waving or leg kicking, into data. Through the included Kano App, beginners of all ages can build games, apps, music and art that react to motion with simple blocks of code, or Javascript.

Inside the box lies an easy-to-follow storybook that illustrates how sensors work, a suction pad, decorative stickers, USB cable extender and the USB motion sensor, which can connect to any Windows, Mac or Kano Computer Kit.

Kano lowers the barrier to entry, price and experience, to creativity with computing and code,” said Alex Klein, Co-Founder & CEO, Kano. “The Motion Sensor Kit demystifies a powerful tool — the ubiquitous motion sensors embedded in cars, phones, industrial machinery, and more. And, it democratizes the programming of applications, music, and games in a delightfully physical way.”

Following the step-by-step storybook, makers assemble their own Motion Sensor Kit, download the Kano App and complete activities designed to teach the basics of coding. The Kano App connects to Kano’s online community, Kano World, where anyone can share their creations, view others’ and rework existing ones from the platform into new projects.

Suitable for beginners of all ages, the Motion Sensor Kit comes with more than 30 creative tutorials and challenges including:

  • Hand Pong: Like the classic game of Pong? Code one’s own, learn logic, understand basic coding principles and control the paddle directly with one’s own hand.
  • Scratch Like a DJ: Control the turntable with one’s hands, make noise and mix tunes.

The Motion Sensor Kit will soon be available through retailers and e-tailers including Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Toys “R” Us, ThinkGeek and GameStop. In Canada, the product will be available at Indigo, Toys “R” Us and The Source, while in the UK, customers will be able to purchase from amazon.co.uk.

Intended to demystify key programming concepts by making them physical, the Motion Sensor Kit comes out on the heels of Kano’s launch earlier this summer of the Pixel Kit, a DIY computer with 128 programmable LEDs anyone can make and code to bring art, games, and data to life. The Motion Sensor Kit and Pixel Kit are the latest additions to Kano’s product lineup, which also includes the Computer Kit and Screen Kit.