“Mack & Moxy” Partners With “Playworks” For Special Episode Celebrating The Satisfaction Of Playing Fair

Playworks and the Socially Dynamic Entertainment, producers of Mack & Moxy, plan to play to the hearts of millions of children with the latest episode of the award-winning and beloved children’s television series, Mack & Moxy. Gold Medal-winning gymnast Simone Biles (Dancing with the Stars) won the world over last summer in Rio de Janeiro as a critical member of the powerful “Final Five” women’s gymnastics team. As a follow-up, Ms. Biles joined us for a special appearance as the newest “Admirable,” helping to spread the message that physical activity is an important part of every child’s life. This episode premiered on Netflix and PBS stations in March 2017. In addition, the second DVD including Ms. Bile’s episode is now available on Amazon and in major retail outlets.

Mack & Moxy season one is currently airing on Netflix streaming and PBS stations; the program is an innovative new TV show, which teaches important life lessons like empathy and selflessness to kids ages 3 to 7. In “Play It Again, Mack,” developed with Playworks, the national non-profit that brings safe and healthy play to kids across the country, Admirable Simone assigns Mack, Moxy and Trooper Sydnee to assist the students at HelpeeLand School with creating a recess period that includes more playtime and fewer disagreements.

Simone Biles explains her participation with Mack & Moxy by saying, “One of the most important things I’ve learned during my years as a gymnast is that training is essential but so is teamwork. Winning my Gold Medals this summer was twice as special because I was able to share the experience with my ‘Final Five’ teammates. Mack & Moxy encourages kids to enjoy their playtime together with their friends and that’s a great message.”

In announcing the new Mack & Moxy episode, series creator Brahm Wenger said, “Simone Biles is a wonderful role model for all children. She’s an accomplished athlete but she also demonstrates the qualities of kindness and generosity to her teammates and her fans that we want our viewers to emulate.”

“We’re excited to stand alongside Simone Biles and Mack & Moxy in this episode to highlight the value of quality playtime to more kids and families than ever before,” added Jill Vialet, Playworks CEO and Founder.