Mega Hit Poker for Android, iOS Devices

Now available on Google Play and the App Store, Mega Hit Poker from Wonder People has everything poker fanatics are looking for in a mobile offering. The core game is based on the ever-popular Texas hold ’em version of poker, but players can choose from several other varieties and play options — including real-time tournaments against hundreds of other players.

Mega Hit Poker (PRNewsfoto/Wonder People)

“Traditional game consoles can’t keep pace,” says Mega Hit Poker game director, Johnathan L. “Mega Hit Poker taps into this reality. It’s a fun game that’s as serious or casual as you like. So, whether you have a few minutes or a few hours to spare, you can always find a table and be dealt in.”

Possibly the most compelling feature of Mega Hit Poker is the opportunity to participate in massive online tournaments with up to 500 other players. Tournaments take place in real time, and opponents might be anywhere in the world.

Other features of Mega Hit Poker include a “free spin” wheel that doles out up to $100 million in free chips (in-game currency) to players every four hours. And, after five free spins, a player can spin the “mega spin” wheel for even bigger rewards. The result is that everyone has multiple ways to win.

Competition formats include the familiar Texas hold ’em, sit and go, and shoot-out. Every format gives players the option to go “all in” and see whether Lady Luck is on their side.

Mega Hit Poker keeps a complete record of each player’s games and results. If a player wants to improve, he or she has plenty of data to sort through and identify strengths and weaknesses. Likewise, it’s possible to use this data to “scout” opponents and attempt to predict their behavior at the table.

Avid fans of the game can also like and follow the game on Facebook — the developers welcome all comments and feedback. As yet another bonus, when fans connect their Facebook account to Mega Hit Poker, their play records are permanently secured, and they earn $500,000 bonus chips. Facebook is also a great platform for challenging friends and introducing them to the game.

The currency used in Mega Hit Poker is not real money, so no gambling is taking place; however, players can purchase chips at any time.

Going forward, Wonder People will continue improving Mega Hit Poker with new features and content, while also rolling out new games that are certain to set a high standard.