Metropolitan Touring Shares Three Insider Tips for Choosing the Best Galapagos Expedition

Not all Galapagos tours are created equally, but fortunately, Metropolitan Touring knows which questions adventurous travelers should be asking their tour providers to ensure that they make the most of their journey. Recently, the pioneering Galapagos tour operator published a question-and-answer page featuring three of the most important but perhaps overlooked (or unknown) tips for choosing the perfect Galapagos expedition. More details are available at
Question 1: Do I Have to Do the Exact Same Thing my Travel Mates are Doing at All Times While We’re in the Galapagos National Park?

The Galapagos are teeming with opportunities to see Mother Nature’s wonders up close. Traveling by land typically provides more options for activities outside the Galapagos National Park boundaries but will probably not allow you to see all of the amazing wildlife that makes the archipelago famous. Inside the park, Ecuador requires that visitors always be accompanied by a licensed guide. Therefore, multi-guided expedition vessels and yachts offer the greatest flexibility for those who may want to pursue their specific interests or participate in activities that differ from those of the rest of the guests. In addition, Metropolitan Touring recommends asking providers if they have a glass-bottom boat for taking in the richness of the islands’ underwater world.

Question 2: Will I Have Access to Medical Care on Board?

Illness and accidents happen, even on vacation. And in a remote locale like the Galapagos, emergency response can be delayed. While all tour operators prioritize the safety of guests, some go the extra mile by investing in a permanent medical presence on their vessels. It’s wise to ask whether a licensed medical doctor will be readily available before booking and setting out.

Question 3: If I Choose a Single-Guided Boat, Will I Get Exclusive Access to Locations in the Galapagos National Park

To preserve the ecosystem and limit disturbances to local wildlife, park authorities limit the number of guests permitted at each visitor site at any given time. This means that at any given time, most sites will have either only one multi-guided vessel or several single-guided boats in the area. So, it’s a matter of careful planning rather than boat size that determines how much “company” guests have at the various visitor sites. Top tour operator like Metropolitan Touring take this planning seriously and set a high bar for guided tours and expeditions.

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