New Cult Classic Movie ‘WHEELS’, Blu-Ray + DVD Combo Pack

After years of struggle for Producer/Directors Donavon Warren and Timothy Gagliardo, “WHEELS” is finally coming out as a much-anticipated Blu-Ray & DVD Combo pack. The Double Disc set is loaded with bonus features that take you inside the heaven and hell that was the making of the movie “Wheels.”

“WHEELS” is an award-winning dark humored drama about MICKEY (Donavon Warren), a suicidal paraplegic who just can’t kill himself no matter how hard he tries. During a bar fight, he crosses paths with an explosive homeless junkie on wheels, DRAKE (Patrick Hume). Mickey offers him $500 to shoot him in the head, which he gladly accepts, and an unusual friendship is born. Armed only with their brotherly friendship they must survive the streets, heroin, cocaine, “En Vogue” prostitutes, and their painful pasts. WHEELS” is the story of two broken people, grasping for a reason to live… or die.

Tim Gagliardo and Donavon Warren began making the film in 2011 with no money for production or expenses. The two ended up selling their cars, getting evicted, making money from medical testing experiments and even going homeless, all of which is detailed in different segments on the bonus features. Tim and Donavon ended up finishing the film after 60 days of production with a full cast and crew list of over 350 people.

The film’s Co-Star, Patrick Hume, even broke his fingernails to get into character for the role of Drake. After the film’s release in theaters, Drake became part of a huge cult following, even leading to a spin-off, known as “storytime with Drake.” All 8 full episodes can be found on the “WHEELS” double disc set.

“We finished up post-production at the scoring stage at Capital Records, with 63 people playing Pancho Burgos’s Original Motion Picture Soundtrack,” says Warren. “It was one of the best days of Tim and mine’s life.” Pancho Burgo’s “Wheels Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” will be released July 5 on iTunes and Amazon.

The “WHEELS” movie Double Disc Blu-Ray & DVD Combo Pack will be available from online retailers, including Amazon, on July 12 of 2017.