The Tag Along 2, Asian Horror Movie, Opens In Theaters Sept 22, 2017

Taiwanese singer and actress Rainie Yang stars in “The Tag Along 2,” a sequel to the 2015 hit that’s based on a ghostly urban legend in Taiwan about a mysterious little girl in red who appears in the footage of a family’s hiking trip. The actual footage of the “little girl in red” was broadcast on Taiwanese television in the 1990s. Many believed that she was roaming the mountains looking for her next victim.

In the sequel, Rainie Yang plays a social worker whose daughter goes missing in the mountains. She joins the search and rescue team and while looking for her lost daughter gets haunted by the little girl in red.

The first film was nominated for numerous international awards and was the highest grossing horror film in a decade for Taiwan. The sequel made box office headlines last week in Taiwan breaking over 100 million NT$.

“The Tag Along 2 is a quality film that fans of Asian Horror will respond to,” said Jonathan Lim of Crimson Forest Films. “The film has strong commercial prospects as both a theatrical release as well as a collectible DVD item, and we’re very excited to bring this story to North American audiences for the first time,” he concluded.

The Tag Along 2 will open in AMC and Cineplex Theatres Sept 22, 2017.