The Nick Nasty Releases New EP “GIVE ME A SHOT”

A Jacksonville Florida native, Nick Georgeopoulos, aka “THE NICK NASTY” has created a powerhouse sound with his new EP, “GIVE ME A SHOT.” Nick worked with renowned producer Hamsquad with MPS Studios for mixing and mastering. This has local DJ’s and critics’ raving about the new EP. EPIKmount Entertainment’s President raves, “The complex music with the simplicity of the fun lyrics is what people are wanting to hear. I really enjoy watching the response of the live show audiences to his music. We are proud to support Nick on his journey to a potential Grammy.” He is booked for many shows throughout Florida and his first video release is gaining strong momentum with his new fan base. His show lists and video can be found on his website.

Nick comes from a humble background. He is currently 22 years old and has moved up in the ranks through strong work ethics to become an aircraft mechanic. This strong work ethic is demonstrated in his music as a multifaceted sound with influences like Eminem. He shadowed local rappers and has been remixing music since he was 11 years old. His long-term goal is to create music full time and collaborate with producers like Rick Rubin and J. Dilla.