Novel Black N 4/20 Release Peeks Into Naval Academy Secret Circle

The mid-nineties were an interesting time for the US Naval Academy. Dream Oak Publishing LLC is hoping to make many more people aware of it. They recently announced their 4/20 Kindle release of Ricky Conlin’s new novel, Black N. Conlin’s story fictionally revisits 1995 Naval Academy culture and a drug scandal that eventually led to the expulsion of several midshipmen. Conlin is a graduate of the Naval Academy’s class of ’99.

Conlin’s novel delves directly into the secret circle of the Black Ns, a collection of midshipmen who push the limits of the Naval Academy’s definition of misconduct. Midshipmen earning this designation are a rarity, but the handful per graduating class that do are the centerpiece of many a great story of midshipmen behaving badly. “This story is about the rare breed of the Black N,” explains Conlin. “History has proven that many of those cut from that cloth go on to great things later in life. My story tries to honor their grit, while preserving the humor of the stories left behind.” Black N also tackles Ocean City, MD surf culture and a variety of 90s pop culture references, including several to Conlin’s favorite band, Pearl Jam.

Ricky Conlin started his Naval career with a primary appointment to the Naval Academy from then Senator Joe Biden. He went on to play varsity football and graduate in 1999 with a degree in Economics. He served six years as a Supply Officer before eventually starting his executive career.

Black N is immediately available on Kindle for pre-order on Amazon and will be released on April 20th on Amazon and select local retailers.