Czarina Russell, Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Alum, Tours With Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer is well-regarded as a film composer, whose work encompasses the famous scores to Gladiator, The Dark Knight, Pirates of the Caribbean, and countless others. What’s less known about Zimmer is that he’s also a touring musician. His road show, Hans Zimmer – Live on Tour, is gearing up for its second string of dates—and it includes one alumnus from the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, rising star Czarina Russell.

Zimmer’s show includes more than 70 musicians performing alongside the master, delving deep into his biggest hits from the silver screen. The show has even included such luminaries as Johnny Marr, legendary guitarist for The Smiths, while Zimmer himself handles duties on drums, piano, guitar, and more.

Czarina Russell—who has worked with Zimmer in the studio, as well—is the lead vocalist for the evening. She’s currently getting ready for the second run of the tour, which begins in April. Russell came to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy looking to boost both her singing skill and stature—and clearly, she’s done both!


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