StubHub Announces Top 10 Fall US Tours

StubHub announced its third-annual preview of the fall concert tour landscape today, breaking down the most in-demand touring acts in the U.S. of fall 2017. Bruno Mars takes the #1 spot on the list, which features a strong showing by pop acts, marking a shift from the legacy rock-dominated summer tour season.

2017 Top Selling Acts

2017 Top Selling Acts – Per Show

Based on total U.S. sales on StubHub for tour dates from Labor Day to Thanksgiving 2017

Based on average sales per show for tour dates on StubHub from Labor Day to Thanksgiving 2017

1. Bruno Mars (35 show dates)

1. Bruno Mars

2. Ed Sheeran (23 show dates)

2. Ed Sheeran

3. Lady Gaga (13 show dates)

3. U2

4. Paul McCartney (11 show dates)

4. Billy Joel

5. U2 (8 show dates)

5. Paul McCartney

6. Depeche Mode (21 show dates)

6. Lady Gaga

7. Billy Joel (6 show dates)

7. Harry Styles

8. Janet Jackson (40 show dates)

8. Depeche Mode

9. Bob Seger (22 show dates)

9. Bob Seger

10. Harry Styles (13 show dates)

10. Janet Jackson

By the Numbers: Breaking Down the Top 10 List

Bruno is King

–     Total sales for the fall leg of Bruno Mars’ 24K Gold Tour are nearly double that of the #2 most in-demand act, Ed Sheeran (Ed Sheeran’s sales double that of Lady Gaga in the #3 spot)

–     Four of the top 10 biggest single show dates this fall are Bruno Mars shows

Fall Pop: Shifting from the Summer’s Rock-Dominated List, Pop Acts Stand Out

–     U2 topped this year’s summer top-10 list, but the fall tour scene continues its historical shift toward pop – with Bruno Mars at the top this year (Taylor Swift led the fall tours in 2015 and Adele in 2016)

–     Two more pop acts, Ed Sheeran and Lady Gaga round out the top three positions, even with considerably fewer show dates than Bruno Mars

–     Janet Jackson is showing the newer acts what hard work is all about: her tour is hitting the road for the most shows between Labor Day and Thanksgiving, helping secure her spot on the top ten list.  She is also the fall’s best deal, with the lowest average ticket price on the list. Those looking to see the pop queen will find tickets available for just $25 on StubHub

–     Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran and Lady Gaga all maintain positions on the top-10 from this summer’s list, meaning a busy and well-performing tour for two demanding concert seasons

Nostalgic Performers with Large Catalogues Continue to be a Draw

–     Bob Seger’s busy show schedule this fall and rumored retirement are fueling his position in the top ten, but he is also the second most affordable act to see

–     For the final show of his tour, Seger is returning to his hometown of Detroit to headline the final show ever at the legendary local venue, The Palace, making this ticket a must-have

–     U2 is the only ‘nostalgic legacy’ act from the summer to maintain a position on the top-10 list

–     Billy Joel is often a fall favorite, having also appeared on the top-10 list in 2015

Solo Breakthrough: Harry Styles

–     Harry Styles’ fans are eager to see their favorite boy band star in his breakout solo tour: his fall shows have nearly double the per-show sales of Seger and nearly triple those of Janet Jackson

–     Styles commands the highest average ticket price of any other artist this fall. Average ticket prices for his shows are nearly 200% higher than Bruno Mars’ shows