Rand McNally’s Map It! Activity Book

When you look at a detailed map, you almost always see something new, unexpected or intriguing. A new interactive book from Rand McNally invites readers to delve into the map even deeper.  Map It! Atlas of Brainy Challenges marries mapping from the classic Rand McNally Road Atlas with the popular trend of adult activity books, leading to an engaging hunt that sneaks in all sorts of geographic learning.

The new book features 24 cleverly designed seek-and-find challenges that put readers’ navigation skills to the test. Each puzzle features a section of a state map from America’s #1 Road Atlas along with a starter clue. Readers can choose states to explore by searching out the puzzle challenges featuring cities, towns and counties; lakes, ponds and rivers; parks and campgrounds – all unique to the state. For stumped readers, a solutions page is featured in the back of the book.

In the digital age, the ability to read a map remains an important tool for understanding spatial sense and visual literacy. All of the challenges featured in this activity book encourage people to better understand map legends and coordinates, and develop a love for discovery through everyday maps.

According to John Huth, a physicist at Harvard and the author of The Lost Art of Finding Our Way, figuring out where you are forces a person to become more actively tuned into the world around; a space beyond the screen of a smartphone.* Map It! Atlas of Brainy Challenges allows readers to engage their curiosity and get lost in the depth of Rand McNally’s beautifully crafted cartography by searching all corners of the map for places familiar or places waiting to be discovered.

The book has a suggested retail price of $7.99 and is available at fine retailers.