Coloring Novels, Perfect for Adult Coloring Book Fans

Amazon Best-Selling fantasy author, Emilyann Girdner, will be launching her Coloring Novels collection on November 7th, 2017 via Best Coloring Novels which is a Luminous Words Press brand. Pre-orders are already available. Emilyann Girdner is an artist and author of Amazon Best-Seller, Dante Rossetti Award Finalist, and Readers’ Favorite 5 Star rated fantasy novel, The Labyrinth Wall. Offering an alternative to novels, coloring books, and graphic novels, Coloring Novelswill be a unique and new book format. These publications will range from short stories to full length novels featuring on average 30 to 60 coloring pages per title. Girdner created several of the coloring page artworks and will sign books at her Coloring NovelsTM and The Forgotten Dream (the third book in her Obsidian Series) launch party in the Orlando area.

The Coloring Novels tagline reads, “Novels have been refused the love of artistic interactivity and brilliant colors for far too long. Not anymore…” Girdner, who thought of the book format idea, explained she wanted to bring the joy of reading stories and coloring together. Readers will be able to color the provided pictures, draw their own art, and jot down their ideas as they enjoy each Coloring Novels™ adventure. The Coloring Novels™ collection launch titles will include The Labyrinth Wall, Sense and Sensibility, Beauty and the Beast, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and possibly others. They will be available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Books-A-Million, and more.

Beyond fans of adult coloring books, Coloring NovelsTM will cater to many readers from those who simply enjoy novelty or illustrated book adaptations to niche fans of various classic literature pieces and more. In addition, Girdner said, “Coloring and reading have both helped me heal during hard times and brightened other days. I hope Coloring NovelsTM will bring that same enjoyment and healing to more reading and coloring fans.” 75% of respondents contacted in a private survey about Coloring NovelsTM believed coloring novels will likely help engage more teens in reading. And the therapeutic value of coloring is already well known.