James DeMarco Transforms Passion for Hockey Into Another Great Hockey Book

The Small Saves comic strip was previously published and featured on the Official NHL Hockey website from 2000 – 2001 and has gone on to success in social media, syndication, and a series of books that appeal to hockey players and hockey fans of all ages.

In this latest book, When The Game Calls: A Small Saves Story Book, Small Saves, a little goalie, with a big heart and an even bigger imagination, gets called by the unseen power of hockey and thrust into the game of a lifetime. Imagine if the game of hockey actually called out to you, tied ice skates to your feet, slapped a goalie mask on your head, strapped old-school goalie pads on your legs, and pulled you right out onto the ice, into the middle of the biggest hockey spectacle ever, allowing you rub elbows with all your favorite childhood hockey heroes. That experience leaps from the pages of When The Game Calls: A Small Saves Story Book.

James DeMarco, an Amazon best-selling author and illustrator, pens books with insightful storylines. Rather than thinking outside the box, DeMarco thinks “outside the hockey rink” cooking up plots and ideas that are not typical of sports books. He explains: “The story will allow you to feel the ice under you as you skate, relive that incredible feeling of making a beautiful save, or scoring a perfect goal, and touch upon the feelings you feel deep inside when it happens. The story is about sharing a passion for a sport with people you may have never met, but with whom you share a common bond that brings you together under one stadium roof, and that is…the love of the game.”

James DeMarco’s previous Amazon best-sellers include, Where’s My Defense?, Renegade Goaltender, Goaltender’s Creed and Goalie On Vacation. The author’s artistic expression of the hockey experience can be also be found in an online collection of hockey shirt designs for all ages, approved and curated by Amazon.

When The Game Calls: A Small Saves Story Book is available at Amazon.