Chad Edwards’ Illustrated Children’s Book Little Goat on the Prairie

Chad Edwards, a respected Canadian children’s Author, Publisher, longstanding Business Consultant, and Entrepreneur, has confirmed that his new book called Little Goat on the Prairie is now on sale. The native of Alberta, Canada has developed a passion for independent publishing and children’s literature after dedicating much of his life to business analysis and finding solutions for e-commerce and small to medium sized businesses.

Cover: Little Goat on the Prairie (PRNewsfoto/Chad Edwards)

With young readers in mind from 2 to 8 years of age, Little Goat on the Prairie brings children on a 36-page adventure with stunning illustrations throughout created by talented Artist, Julijana Mijailovic. Published by his own Tychis Media, Chad Edwards’ illustrated animal book brings children on an inspirational journey. Bernie is a prairie goat that dreams of life beyond the farm. Curious about the wide-open world out there, Bernie practices jumping every day so that he will become strong enough to leap over the fence. To his surprise, one day he succeeds.

“I’m delighted to bring Little Goat on the Prairie to life for young children and their families around the world,” noted, Chad Edwards, Author, Little Goat on the Prairie, and Founder, Tychis Media. “As an Independent Publisher, it’s an honor to back this release. Hopefully, it will inspire more people just like me to listen to the inner writer inside and give themselves an opportunity to bring joy to others through literature.”

Now freshly free from the fences, Little Goat on the Prairie’s main star, Bernie, sets off to explore the great unknown. Soon, he meets Millie, a mountain goat from distant lands. Together, the two begin a journey of discovery and friendship that offers to reshape the lives of prairie and mountain goats for all time. Expertly crafted with a young audience in mind, Chad Edwards has gained a perfect grasp of the hopes and dreams that children have come to expect from every great animal led adventurous story.

About Chad Edwards:

Chad Edwards is the Alberta, Canada-based Author and Publisher of the brand new illustrated children’s book Little Goat on the Prairie (ISBN: 978-0-9952997-7-1). As a well known Business Consultant and Entrepreneur, Chad Edwards is also the Founder of Tychis Media. The Independent Publishing House has a sophisticated e-commerce and web design platform dedicated to helping talented Authors and Creatives.

Little Goat on the Prairie is on Amazon