TIGERS Myrtle Beach Season Opens With A Roar

TIGERS Myrtle Beach Safari welcomed March in like a liger, with the grand opening of its 34th season March 4, 2017.

Founded in 1983 by wildlife conservation expert Doc Antle, TIGERS (The Institute for Greatly Endangered and Rare Species) is a wildlife education organization that promotes global conservation through its interactive Myrtle Beach Safari Wild Encounters Tour and Preservation Station.

TIGERS has been a hidden treasure in Myrtle Beach, but once discovered, the experience is life-changing for our guests. Here at TIGERS, you can reach out and touch, hold and feed from the more than 130 wild animals, including 60 tigers and their cubs, that live on the grounds of this 50-acre wildlife preserve. In the three-hour Wild Encounters Tour, you will meet the rare liger, the world’s largest cat; Bubbles the African elephant; our resident orangutan; apes; wolves; leopards; chimps and tigers as they swim, run and play in their natural habitat.

Not only will you be forever fulfilled from this experience, but you will also be contributing to the future of this wildlife through TIGERS’ international conservation programs, including the RARE Species Fund (RSF). Over the last decade, TIGERS has donated more than $1 million and countless hours of professional expertise to grassroots conservation programs in Asia and Africa. All thanks to each Wild Encounters Tour you book.

Take a walk on the wild side. Book your Wild Encounters Tour now via ZOZI Advance, our all-new online booking software, at www.myrtlebeachsafari.com.

The TIGERS Myrtle Beach Safari is home to more than 130 wild animals, including 60 big cats. The animals here are center stage in this fully interactive, hands-on experience, where you can cuddle up to tiger cubs, join the wolf pack, share a laugh with our apes, witness adult tigers running at full speed, and feed Bubbles, our African elephant. Plus, this is the only place in the world where you can meet the liger, the world’s largest big cat weighing in at more than 900 pounds. Go ahead, reach out and touch the jungle and create a lifetime of memories.