Toshiba’s New OLED TV Series

Transforming every living room into an enthralling movie theatre, the X98 OLED HDR 4K Series is set to bring viewers to the edge of their seats with a sensational TV performance. Defined by incredible image precision, vibrant colour and spectacular on-screen contrasts, the X98 TV viewing experience is larger-than-life. Bringing the thrill of the big screen home, the 55″ and 65″ X98 TV models offer more immersive cinema style viewing, thanks to their contemporary, ultra-sleek bezel frames.

Toshiba 65” X98 OLED TV (PRNewsfoto/Toshiba TVs, Europe)


Designed without a backlight, both OLED HDR 4K TVs are capable of dimming or switching off their TV pixels entirely to display deeper, more authentic blacks as well as striking colour contrasts. By regulating the light and colour of each individual TV pixel, they also safeguard the purity of every on-screen colour.


Thanks to their HDR technology, they draw on a more expansive scale of brightness, creating incredible on-screen contrasts to set the mood. Reflecting the finest differences, they capture unprecedented image detail in both sunlit and shadowy scenes.

Dolby Vision [™] HDR

The TVs also feature Dolby Vision[™] HDR to ensure exceptional scene-by-scene picture accuracy. Transferring cutting-edge motion picture technology from movie theatres to TV, Dolby utilizes metadata to offer exactly the right level of brightness for every TV frame. As Dolby Vision capable models, both TVs promise more access to high quality content in HDR, offering compatibility with a world-leading portfolio of Dolby mastered content.

Sound by Onkyo

To ensure superior audio quality for on-screen dialogue, movie soundtracks and music, Toshiba has collaborated on the design of its speakers and subwoofers with leading hi-fi and home cinema brand, Onkyo. Engineered to deliver a more uniform audio performance, the integrated Onkyo speakers capture a wider spectrum of sound, faithfully reproducing every acoustic effect, from the rumbling of thunder to the higher tones of bells ringing.

Wide Color Gamut

Displaying up to 1024 shades per colour, they reflect hues that are usually lost on the TV screen. Faithfully reproducing 99% of the DCI-P3 colour space, they animate the on-screen action, powerfully conveying even the most subtle colour symbolism.

To access 4K content through Neflix® and YouTube™, viewers have the option of wirelessly connecting to the Toshiba Smart portal.

HDR10 and HLG

Offering even greater access to compatible HDR content, the X98 TVs not only support HDR10, but also the newly developed standard, Hybrid Log Gamma or HLG. Future-proofing the X98 models, this HLG compatibility means that they will one day enable viewers to watch free HDR over-the-air broadcasts.

Of the new launch, European Sales and Marketing Director, Bart Kuijten, comments, “With this range, we are closing the gap between cinema and TV, working with world-leading visual and audio partners to deliver a more deeply immersive viewing experience. Featuring an array of cinema-inspired technologies, our X98 models push the boundaries of current TV design, not only in terms of picture and sound quality, but also in terms of future-proofing TV as a go-to home entertainment hub.”