Ways to Prevent Frozen Pipes this Winter

Frigid winter temperatures can cause pipes to freeze – or even burst. Frozen water pipes and the damage they cause are a reality for thousands of people each year, but there are steps you can take to help prevent pipes from freezing,

Ten tips to prevent your pipes from freezing:

1. Drain water from pipes that are likely to freeze. This includes your swimming pool and sprinkler water supply lines.

2. Disconnect any hoses from the outside of your home, drain the hoses and store them in the garage. Make sure to close the indoor valves supplying these outdoor access points.

3. Insulate the area around vents and light fixtures. This helps prevent heat from escaping into the attic.

4. Seal any wall cracks. Be sure to pay careful attention to the areas around utility service lines.

5. Open kitchen cabinets. This allows the warm air to circulate around the pipes

6. Keep garage doors closed to protect water lines.

7. Allow your faucets to drip cold water on the coldest days. The movement will make it harder for the water to freeze.

8. Keep your thermostat at the same temperature day and night. Never let it fall below 55 degrees Fahrenheit when you leave your home.

9. Ensure you have proper seals on all doors and windows.

10. Place a 60-watt bulb in areas where you’re concerned about pipes freezing. Make sure there are no combustible materials near the bulb.