Wellness® CORE® Launches First Raw and Freeze-Dried Recipes for Dogs

Dog food just got a paw up in natural raw nutrition! Wellness® Natural Pet Food unveiled today its first line of grain-free, raw meals and treats for dogs, Wellness® CORE® RawRev™ and Wellness® CORE® 100% Freeze-Dried Treats for dogs, marking the brand’s first foray into the quickly-growing category of raw nutrition for pets.

Wellness CORE RawRev combines high-protein, grain-free kibble with 100 percent pure bites of freeze-dried meat for a delicious topper, snack or complete and balanced meal. Wellness CORE 100% Freeze Dried Treats are made with just a single raw ingredient to deliver high protein with delicious flavor. At just two calories per treat, they are grain, gluten and filler free.

“Our Wellness CORE line of protein-focused recipes is the perfect home for RawRev and our 100% Freeze Dried Treats. Our dogs instinctively crave raw animal protein and these new recipes deliver the raw taste dogs love while making it easy and safe for pet parents to introduce raw nutrition into their dog’s diets.” says Chanda Leary-Coutu, Director of Consumer Experience at WellPet. “Like all our recipes, they’re crafted with carefully sourced, thoughtfully prepared ingredients, but then the raw protein is freeze-dried to lock in nutrients in their purest form.”

Wellness CORE RawRev is available in three delicious flavors for dogs, Turkey, Lamb and Turkey Small Breed recipes, and Wellness CORE 100% Freeze-Dried Treats are available in four meaty flavors for dogs Boar, Salmon, Turkey and Beef.

“At Wellness, we continuously aspire to craft wholesome, nutritious food for your family from our family in order to bring more love and joy to mealtime and snack time,” Leary-Coutu continued. “With each of the new additions to the CORE family of recipes, we hope to help form the foundation of a long and happy life for pet parents and their four-legged family members.”

Wellness also announced a number of new recipes and recipe updates for dogs and cats as part of the CORE line:

•NEW Wellness ® CORE® Simply Shreds™ pouches for dogs and cats: Wellness CORE Simply Shreds are a grain and filler free boost of pure protein, perfect for topping or snacking. Containing just five ingredients for dogs and four ingredients for cats, Simply Shreds are 100% natural cooked shreds of poultry, meat and fish. Available in Chicken, Chicken Liver & Broccoli; Tuna, Beef & Carrots; Chicken, Beef & Carrots; Chicken, Salmon & Pumpkin recipes for dogs, and Chicken, Chicken & Mackerel, Salmon & Tuna and Tuna & Shrimp for cats.

•Wellness ® CORE® 95% wet food for dogs: Now available in new 12.5 oz. cans, Wellness CORE 95% provides dogs with a protein-rich, complete and balanced topper or meal. Made with antioxidant-rich superfoods and packed with high-quality cooked meats, CORE 95% is grain and gluten free. Available in Chicken with Broccoli, Turkey with Spinach and Beef with Carrots recipes.

•NEW Wellness ® CORE® Signature Selects wet food for cats: New Wellness CORE Signature Selects deliver the variety your cat craves, satiating even the pickiest of feline eaters. The Signature Selects come in three forms: Chunky, Flaked and Shredded. Each recipe is prepared by hand and features delicate cuts of real, cooked meat and seafood in delicious sauces. Available in “Land & Sea” flavors including Chicken Entrée in Turkey Sauce, Chicken Entrée with Chicken Liver Sauce, Beef & Boneless Chicken in Sauce and Boneless Chicken Entrée in Turkey Sauce.

• NEW Wellness® CORE® Divine Duo’s wet food for cats: New Wellness CORE Divine Duos deliver the duo texture and two proteins your cat loves. The Divine Duo’s come in six recipes that each include a pâté topped with protein rich diced bites in a delectable gravy. Available in Beef Pâté & Diced Chicken Liver in Gravy, Chicken Pâté & Diced Duck in Gravy, Chicken Pâté & Diced Salmon in Gravy, Chicken Pâté & Diced Turkey in Gravy, Tilapia Pâté in Diced Ahi Tuna in Gravy and Tuna Pâté & Diced Salmon in Gravy.

•Wellness ® CORE® Pâté wet food for cats: Wellness CORE Pâté, now comes in a 3 oz. can size and provides your cat with the protein they crave and the flavor they love, in a smooth pâté. The grain-free formula delivers quality nutrition in a wide variety of flavors for cats at any life stage. Available in Indoor, Kitten, Salmon, Whitefish & Herring, Beef, Venison & Lamb, Chicken, Turkey & Chicken Liver, and Turkey & Duck recipes.

•Wellness ® CORE® Grain Free dry food for cats: Now with new packaging, Wellness CORE Grain Free dry food is nutrient-dense and enhanced with antioxidants to support optimal health and digestion. Containing no preservatives or fillers, this protein-packed formula is filled with flavor to promote a happy, healthy feline. Available in Original, Indoor, Kitten and Turkey, Turkey Meal & Duck recipes.