Le Petit Treat Releases New Line of French Themed, Allergen Free Gourmet Dog Biscuits

Le Cordon Bleu® trained chef Gigi Samandari, the founder of Le Petit Treat, announced the release of new premium dog biscuits that are inspired by the flavors of France and use all-natural, non-allergenic, grain-free ingredients which are 100% made in the USA.

The treats are made in small batches, using only grain-free, premium food-grade ingredients. The flavors are inspired by classic French dishes like Quiche Lorraine and Coq au Vin with new packaging that has a sophisticated yet vintage look.

“I was inspired by the French tradition of using local, fresh ingredients for all their recipes. I wanted to bring that same spirit to Le Petit Treat, which is why we use only locally sourced real meats and veggies and grain-free flours for all our treats,” said founder and chef Gigi Samandari.

The Le Petit dog treats are among the most healthy and natural on the market and made using:

•100% natural, human-grade ingredients
•No wheat, soy or corn
•No grains
•No chemical preservatives
•Hypo-allergenic ingredients that are safe and healthy for dogs with dietary restrictions

The inspiration for these new healthy dog biscuits came from Samandari’s own personal experience with her dog Ralphie who had food allergies. So she decided to leave her career as a chef at one of Paris’ hottest restaurants and combining her new-found culinary skills and her old-school smarts in health care, she set out to make a dog treat that was not just delicious, but healthy too.

“While working as a chef, my own beloved dog, Ralphie, developed a series of health ailments due to tainted pet products. I realized that a lot of the products on the market weren’t made with quality ingredients. As a chef, I decided to make food and treats for him on my own with the help of our vet, using only high-end products that I myself would eat,” said Samandari.

After countless hours of research, numerous test recipes and the help of a veterinarian, Gigi developed the Le Petit Treat family of flavors. Le Petit Treat dog biscuits are sold both online and through their developing wholesale network of pet stores and outlets.

About Le Petit Treat, LLC

Le Petit Treat was founded in 2012, by Le Cordon Bleu chef Gigi Samandari, and produces healthy and all-natural, allergen-free dog biscuits and treats that are safe for dogs with dietary restrictions. All ingredients are sourced directly from US manufacturers, and are carefully scrutinized for quality and safety standards. They use only real meat and vegetables in all their recipes and never import raw materials from abroad, all products are 100% made in the USA.