4 Ways To Keep Your Pool Safe

Any responsible pool owner has safety on the forefront of their minds when they’re closing up their pool at the start of the off-season. What kind of precautions are in place to prevent any incidents from occurring? Are there enough safety measures taken to prevent an accident? These questions are a weight on the shoulders of responsible pool owners, removable pool fence manufacturer, LOOP-LOC, is sharing 4 ways to keep your pool safe all year round so you can have peace of mind instead of heavy shoulders. Read on to find out more about securing your pool.

  1. Enclose your pool’s perimeter to provide an additional layer of protection. A removable pool fence is a quick and easy way to secure your pool’s border from any animal or human intruders. Having a mesh pool fence creates a definitive wall between your pool and the area outside your pool, with the added benefit of being easy to put up and bring down. You could even keep it up year round for the security benefits all year long, avoiding obstructing your pool views with a mesh removable fence like LOOP-LOC’s BABY-LOC fencing.
  2. Invest in a high-quality, supportive pool safety cover. Your pool is only as safe as your cover, so it’s worth it for you to have one of the best covers on the market. Your pool cover should be able to withstand hundreds of pounds for you to get the maximum safety value from installation. Having a high-quality safety cover can prevent most pool-related accidents by securing your pool’s water surface and preventing any unwanted incidents during the off season.
  3. Install a gate alarm on your pool fence. These small, normally easy to install alarms will provide an audible warning to nearby adults or the pool owner themselves when the pool gate is opened. This is an additional security measure you can take in just in case your kids and pets are clever enough to open your pool fence gate on their own. The noise may also create enough of a distraction for them to run away from it, creating an additional safety benefit.
  4. Apply a slip resistant sealer to prevent any slips and falls next to your pool or on your surrounding stonework or decking. Slippery pool decks are asking for accidents to happen, so creating a non-slip deck surface with a concrete or tile sealer will help to prevent dangerous slips and falls year round.

Maximizing your pool’s safety is in your best interest and benefits those around you as well. Take the opportunity to secure your outdoor oasis to ensure your loved ones and others stay safe all year round.