5 Tips for Young-Looking Hands No Matter the Weather

Winter and Spring weather contributes to dry skin on your hands. Irritated hands feel uncomfortable and painful. Win the battle over dry skin by following some self-care tips from Linda Gillette Parodi, founder and CEO of PARODI Professional Care.

Here are five tips from Linda Parodi to help you overcome dry skin on your hands throughout your busy days.

  1. Avoid as much as possible such irritants as dry air, water and soaps, as they are the chief contributors to dry, chapped skin on your hands. Be sure to dry your hands thoroughly after each exposure to these irritants, including between each finger, before applying hand cream. Then, massage the cream into your hands, including rough cuticles.
  2. To smooth and soften irritated, dry skin, look for specific hand care products that are formulated with the latest scientific ingredients as well as natural elements such as spilanthes and hypericum for softening and smoothing the skin and even nacre that adds a soft sheen.
  3. Avoid products that contain synthetic fragrance, silicones, parabens. What is not in your hand care products is just as important as what is in the products – synthetic ingredients can also be irritating to sensitive skin.
  4. Washing your hands frequently can help avoid illness but it does take a toll on your skin. Find products that absorb quickly to let you get on with your day, while lasting through several washes.
  5. Don’t judge hand care products just by price. Usually the least expensive creams and lotions have the most water content. Instead, look for reviews by current users and awards from leading publications. PARODI Professional Care has been recognized by the members of the salon and spa industry for three years in a row. Beauty professionals know the difference between high performing products and those that simply mask issues such as dry, irritated hands, tired muscles and rough-skin feet.

“Don’t neglect your hands!” adds Linda Parodi. “They should be an integral part of your daytime and nighttime beauty routine.”  Products are available on amazon.com